Rescuers Found This Adorable “Gentle Giant” Homeless On The Streets

Dogs are always considered as the man’s best friend. They are loyal, sweet and absolutely adorable. Though they are naturally tough and strong specially if strangers come along, that is their natural way of showing how protective they are to us. They will always be with us no matter what happens. We treat them as part of our family but they also love us back more than ever. We cannot describe how loyal and loving they are to us when we give them the right treatment they need from us. We must say that they are wonderfully God-given gift to us.

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Sadly, there are people who mistreat their pets or animals. Even if these animals are within their property, they cannot give the right treatment and just take them for granted. Thousands of dogs from different places have been seen without proper food and shelter. They are directly suffering from too much cold and hunger. These situations are just one of the thousands that have been seen and reported by many. Good thing that several organizations have been an advocate in protecting and rescuing abandoned and abused dogs and other animals.

There have been several active groups that save unprotected dogs which are left on the streets. 
They are protecting the dogs as well as the safety of the people.

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Some dogs are left outside in hunger and coldness. Several dogs have been found dead due to lack of proper food and shelter. These organizations have been a blessing and serve as a new hope for those dogs which have been rescued.

Just like Everest, the gentle giant dog, which has been found in the street without food and home.
An Animal Rescue Group has received a call that there has a “Gentle Giant” wandering without a home in the street of California.

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There, in the street, they have found a black giant dog sitting beside a post, weak, cold and hungry. They have tried to get his attention by giving him a cheeseburger. They have noticed that despite his size, he is very skinny and needs definitely a bath.

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The Animal Rescue Group has given him the name Everest before bringing him almost 1,000 miles to his new home in Oregon.

In Oregon, he has met his new sister and brother named Bonnie and Clyde.
Everest will soon become the smile on Children’s faces as he has been training to become a therapy dog for Children’s Hospitals.

The Animal Group has a very big heart for animals and for people specially to sick children who really needs care and attention. Surely, Everest can do his job well since it is already natural for him to give a smile to people due to its gentleness. Its size is perfect to be hugged and to relieve anxiety and discomfort.

Hoping that more dogs will be saved because they deserve to be treated well, just like as we do, and many sick children will be given happiness through their extraordinary presence.