Drowning Man Got Rescued by a Baby Elephant

     What would you do if you see someone drowning? Will you save the man? Or will you call for help? But what if someone beat you in rescuing the person who was drowning? And that someone is a Baby Elephant? Yes! You’ve read that right. A baby elephant saves a human from drowning. How awesome is that right?

     Elephant’s behaviors are formed from deep family bonds, they are extremely intelligent animals and that their memories have a span of a lot of years. By a lot of years, meaning they remember where to go when the season is dry and they need to find water to bathe and drink. Elephants can display what they feel, such as signs of joy, anger, playfulness, as well as grief.

     They are somehow like humans, since they could also express their feelings, and with their deep bonds with their family. Recently there has been a discovery that shows that elephants can actually communicate with each other even for over long distances. How? Elephants can produce sub-sonic rumbles that could travel over the ground, and the amazing part is that, that sub-sonic rumble is faster than sound through air. The elephants receive the rumbles through their sensitive skin on their trunks and skin, and that is how they find potential mates as well as social groups to communicate with each herds.

     Sadly, elephants have been endangered because of poachers who hunt for their ivory. Ivory is a hard, white material that is found from the tusks or teeth of an elephant. Ivory has been used as works of arts (carved into images or statues of saints), stamp seals, and even jewelries which costs millions to billions of dollars depends on the design and value that it holds.

     Thankfully, there was an issued international ban on ivory trade, however there are still poachers who are still ruthlessly getting the ivory because of the high profits it would give them. There are only around 600,000 elephants remaining in Africa, and it is still continuing to go less because of these poachers.

     Admiringly, there are nature parks that takes care of elephants who either loss their mothers, or was saved from illegal poachers. Darrick is one of those who work for the Elephant Nature Park. He takes care of the elephants like feeding them, bathing them, and caring for them.

     In the video that you’ll get to watch below, Darrick was seen to be getting washed along the river as well as he looked like he was drowning. The Baby Elephant named Kham Lha, really thought that he was in danger, so she decided to rush towards the river and save Darrick!

     This shows that when we, humans take care of animals, they’ll eventually return the love and care that we give to them. The elephantnews, a YouTube channel and online environmental news network that works alongside the staff of Elephant Nature Park (www.elephantnaturepark.org) and Save Elephant Foundation (www.saveelephant.org). They specialize in educational outreach through their social media site. They are based in Thailand and have experienced in filming throughout the Asian countries. Their crew specializes in filming in remote areas and speaks fluently in English Language, Thai Language, and Laos Language.

“This video shows the bond between Darrick and elephant Kham Lha at Elephant Nature Park. When she thinks Darrick was in trouble, she rushed to the river and tried to save him. This can show to us that when we treat animals with love, they always paid love back to us.”elephantnews

Watch how Baby Elephant Kham Lha saves Darrick below!

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