Dog Reacts to Carrot, Broccoli and Cheese

We know that these are all delicious and healthy but the taste weigh the most! Since taste is of concern in pinning down what is going to be the top choice among them, so what is it now? Carrot, broccoli, or cheese?

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The question depends upon whom we are asking to. For adults who want a healthy and tasty diet at the same time definitely would opt for the three choices. Some would prefer for both carrot and broccoli as their choice but it really depends upon the liking of the persons being asked.

For sure, we all share the same sentiment. While both carrot and broccoli are healthy which truly supply the nutrients need by our bodies, we cannot deny that cheese is healthy as well and somehow tastier of the three, right?

As for kids, among carrot, broccoli, and cheese without a doubt, they would choose the last as their favorite. It is certain that kids love cheese. But how about when you happened to know and see it with your eyes that kids are not the only ones who would prefer cheese than carrot and broccoli, a pet dog as well!

Ever imagined the reaction of a man’s best friend when faced with ultimate choices before it? The ultimate choices are carrot, broccoli, or cheese! What does it would prefer? Exciting, isn’t it?

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On the plate, there are pieces of sliced broccoli, carrot, and cheese. The question is, among the three that is present on that very plate, what would this pet dog pick?
First, it was asked if it wants cheese. It did not give even a few more seconds to itself to think it over, it right away just nodded and slurped its tongue thus, a YES for the cheese replied by this best friend. A point counted for the cheese! I bet the dog wants carrot and broccoli too. Let’s see.
“You want broccoli?” The lady asked. On the contrary to its nod and slurping of the tongue which meant yes for the cheese, a big sideways nod that was significant enough to indicate its definite NO answer for the broccoli. NO for the broccoli! The reaction from it was awesome, so cool.
And then it was once again asked if it wants cheese, well, as to how it nodded when it was asked if it wants cheese previously, it does make that form of answer again. A nod of its head yes thus, another point for cheese once more. The cheese complemented its taste buds very well!

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It was time for the carrot, “You want carrot?” by this time I thought it’s going to give the same nod for the cheese but it’s not! It did the big sideways nod again like of the moment broccoli was asked if it wants it. That makes no point will go for the carrot.
The lady continued to ask her pet dog if it wants the carrot, broccoli, or cheese.
“You want cheese?”
“You want broccoli?”
“You want carrot?”
Well, its answers are still the same. A nod YES for cheese and a nod NO for both broccoli and carrot. Therefore, it wants cheese ONLY!

We, humans, are picky when it comes to the food we take in. Foods that seem appealing to our taste buds by just how they look are the ones we only choose that makes us certified picky. We are wrong if we think we’re the only ones who are picky. Just like us, the dog as well would choose for itself the food it wants to devour. That makes it picky too yet so awesome!