Dog Disappears Each Day When Owner Follows Him To Ocean And Notices Where He Goes

                Friendship is a great gift to life. It blooms almost everywhere and everybody got a soul mate and a great best friend along their journey here on earth. We all have someone who is always there and there will be times we feel like inseparable. Friendship has been so amazing in so many ways. You got to get a companion, a shoulder to cry on, someone you could easily call for some pajamas parties and someone you want to talk to when you feel like to no matter how nonsense or drama or very intellectual your conversation maybe he or she is just enjoying being with you and so you are. And surprise, friendship is not merely exclusive for humans and the video below shall show you how amazing it has to have a friend.

              Every day seems to be incomplete not been able to talk to someone closed to like friends or even family. It just lifts up one’s mood every day and talking to someone generally releases stress and gives out positive vibes throughout the day. No matter how different things and your characters may be everything is still as compatible, the differences definitely won’t matter.

via YouTube screenshot

via YouTube screenshot

Friends are going to be friends no matter what happens. Just like these two friends, they were way too different definitely it is. Ben is a water loving dog that lives in Ireland. And to his owner’s surprise, every day he visits someone. Not in the next house but out to the sea. Look at how excited he is every passing day trying to be as fast as he could to reach the sea. No one could possible stop him every passing day to her daily routine. Ben’s owner, Pat Doohan, was surprised when he saw where and who is Ben meeting with. Look at how he is rushing towards the sea and swam out farther from the shore. This is not the usual thing most dogs do, and look at who he is meeting with. Meet Ben’s best friend, Duggie, a cute dolphin. Whenever Ben shows up in the water, Duggie pops out of the water.

             The dog and dolphin’s friendship are just so cute to watch at. They seem to be playing together out in the sea. A school of dolphins sometimes go by and Duggie would join them sometimes. But she seems not to forget about the island and seems to forget going back to the wild with the other dolphins. Getting to play with her friend, Ben, probably has been a lot of fun for her that she seems to forget to go back to the wild and leave the island.

            The type of friendship Duggie and Ben has is one of a kind. It is so rare and amazing at the same time. Watch how they play along the waters and the excitement marked in each of their faces every time they see each other. They both have special language between them that only the two could understand. These two have shown us how far friendship could go and how amazing it does in every one of us.