Dog Befriends Little Boy with Down Syndrome

                Friend is a companion that would be with us throughout our lives. Who could stand with us no matter how mean we can be to them sometimes, no matter how far we push them, some true friends will truly stay. They know when we were having mood swings or get irritated sometimes. And here they are getting all patient and ready to rescue us wherever we are. They would appear at your doorstep and knocks at your bed room door just to keep you reminded that he or she is there waiting for you. They sure do not know the word give up and seemed to have no plans on having it on their vocabulary.

                Friends won’t surely give up on you because of some immature not valid reasons. Instead of walking away after not being able to understand you, they will just stay and eat some ice cream with you some times. They will insist on having sleepovers and pajama parties. They are the ones who will ask permission to your mom and dad whenever you send them a message that your parents seems to have no plans on letting you out of the house. They are your hero most of the times.

                These types of things also happened to this dog named Himalaya and a toddler with Down syndrome. As someone with Down syndrome, some of them shy away and some gets easily irritated. Some don’t really have good social skills and tends to be alone at the corner. But this dog, Himalaya, seemed to be a good friend with good intentions that also doesn’t have this phrases named ‘giving up’ in her vocabulary. She tried to approach the toddler but he only shush her away. The toddler seemed to have no plans on playing with him. The little boy Hernan would just shy away and would do his best to skip getting physical contact with someone or some animals like this dog, Himalaya.

                Despite the fact that Little Hernan doesn’t have any plans to play with her, she was just being patient and loving to him and does everything to make him play with her. She went closer towards little Hernan but he just shoved her away. She never gave up and went closer and closer to him while the little Hernan would just push her back or pull her hair just to keep him away. But she persisted and still insists on befriending the little guy. She lies down and even extended her paws to touch her. But nothing even worked, not even one. Little Hernan definitely has no plans and is trying to move away from the dog as far as he could. But Himalaya just kept on getting closer to him, tries to touch him and little Hernan would just shove his paws away from his body.

                Looking at the video, you could see how friendly and loving Himalaya was. She was being so nice to little Hernan and see the video for yourself on what happened afterwards.