Deaf Baby Hears His Mom's Voice for the First Time Filled With Tears of Joy

No one can easily define how hard it is to be physically disabled. Living a life with less than a feature of being human. But life could still be as normal as others perceive it after all. It could be bright enough for a blind man, could be loud for a deaf and everything could change if you want it to. But its gonna be hard adjusting from time to time. May it be born with such condition or just happened to unfortunately meet an accident or some sickness took away such ability. Couldn't be more harder for a baby, what does they feel towards it?

Baby born to not hear a single sound in the world. Silent and peaceful as some perceive it to be. But as mothers and parents, we wanted to let him hear the world. Hear how amazing everything is and how wonderful nature could be. With the technology we have these days, a deaf child was given a chance to hear the world. Using a device being attached to his ear, this little baby was given a way to hear the world. As she held him in her hands, he was silent for a moment watching his mom. She spoke "hello" to the little baby for the first time knowing he could hear it. He smiled. That genuine smile after hearing the very first word he is about to encounter. Then a second later, his face shows that he was about to cry. He got emotional over the first word and sound he ever heard in his life. It warmed everyone's heart seeing how emotional he got after hearing the word, "hello". His mom talked and talked, but he remained moved by the words he heard. He was about to cry and was pouting his lips. How good could it have been for him hearing for the first time.

The little baby continued watching his mom and listened. Slowly processing everything that very moment. He listening attentively then would suddenly pout his mouth. Isn't it just too cute seeing him being moved by everything he could hear? He could now hear everything his mom would be saying to him. Every i love you's she would say to him will all be heard. Everything makes you realize how fortunate and lucky you are being able to see, hear, touch, smell, just everything. This video could move almost everyone's heart and let them appreciate everything they have and be happy and contented about it.

Not all people are as lucky as you do. We have things that not all people possess. We have a loving family and a life beyond what we have always wanted. We are all blessed and lucky enough to be where we are now. Never get to blame other people, work for you dream not just only making others do it. If this baby can't open your eyes and ears from this world's gratefulness, I don't know what elese is. He is not just adorable but can also get emotional, and we love everything about him. You don't have to be perfect and complete to be loved, you need to possess the right kind of attitude and you'll surely everything will follow.


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