Dashcam Captures Sweet Moment Cop Leaves Car To Join Great Grandma Dancing

No one could easily describe how to show one’s happiness. It’s not specific and definitely comes in a lot of variety or forms. Some sings when they are happy. Some smiles a lot and others do laugh when they are happy. Some gets way too energetic and do things beyond what they usually do before. Some gets too talkative than before while others just stay silent in their own. And some dances everywhere they go because of happiness.

Photo: Youtube

How do you express your happiness? It might not be like mine or like others but we sure have our own unique ways to express our happiness. Just like this grandmother who seemed to be born to dance and even at 92 years old, she still dances like anyone could. With a smile on her face, everyone could say her happiness is dancing. Everyone would truly want to reach her age and could still dance too, for sure. Even on her 90th birthday party, everyone danced. She does really want to dance whenever and wherever she goes. Those who were close to her surely know how she has always loved and always will love dancing even up until now.

Photo: Youtube

Despite how lovely and fun it is to enjoy happiness on your own, it is always lovelier and much happier when shared. This is what police sergeant Kim Lenz did one day and Grandmother Millie has never been so thankful for making her happy that day. As seen in the dash cam, the two did really have fun. The video showed Grandmother Millie who first showed up in the screen then followed by the lovely and sweet Sergeant Kim Lenz. They danced together outside Millie’s house. She danced to the move she knows and never cared around her as long as she is not hurting anybody. Sergeant Kim cupped her hands to hers and danced in the same tempo just as what grandmother Millie is doing.

Photo: Youtube

Alone outside while dancing to the beat of whatever Millie have, Sergeant Kim Lenz still coped up and danced to the moment of happiness they had. They exchanged dances and supervision. They exchanged not just only the dances but also some short conversation between each other. Not only these two but also the happiness while doing such short dance. Some says it’s easy but no one did it on their own. This video or story just shows how sweet and loving one could be despite the daily routine one has. And it shows how greater things could be, how greater the happiness could be if happiness is also shared. The countless laughter and smile on each other’s faces.

Photo: Youtube

Who would have thought that the usual routinary job would end up like this? A little or short dance together with teacher, all caught in the car’s dash cam. You could see how sincere and loving each other’s company was as they dance along outside the car. How their simple dance could have turned and ended into hugs and thank you. Sure thing, a small act of sadness ripples forever.