Dancer Finds Her True Calling and Now Shares Her Passion to Her Special Students

     Isabella Jay Torres was once a maltreated and terrified child, but now she has become an international award winning dance choreographer, as well as the creator of the “Latizmo Language of the Soul”. Latizmo is about dancing but it has an in-depth outlet of communication to other people.

“What Latizmo does, at least for me and my students, is that it releases the language of the soul. The language of the soul is so much more powerful than your physical being in your body.” – Jay Torres
     Back in her past, Jay had been mistreated and was even sexually abused, there was even a time that she didn’t want to live anymore, but something happened, and that she had God who showed her why she is still alive. God showed her the calling. In a short message Jay stated:

“Hello my name is Jay Torres. This is a story about my students and me. I work with students that have special abilities. I’m a survivor of being abused as a child. I was sexually abused and later when I grew up I didn’t want to live anymore but when I started teaching people with special abilities. God showed me my calling, and he showed me why I was here. I just wanted to share this because we should never limit ourselves to anyone. God is able and I wanted to share it with everyone. Thank you.” – Jay Torres

     Jay learned a lot as she grew up. Even if she had painful past before, now that she has God along with her she became much better. When Jay is dancing, she explained how it (dancing) can become a way to escape the hardships that she faced before, as well as to communicate through the body (by dancing) which didn’t come out verbally.
“I think we as people have a hard time communicating with one another, expressing our pain, expressing our passion.” – Jay Torres

     Jay dreamed of creating her style of dancing, as well as sharing the power of communication through dancing. So she decided to teach Latizmo back in 2005. On the following year, 2006, she opened her very first dance studio.

     Aside from dancing, Jay is also a DJ, so she mixes her own music and sound effects for her Latizmo dance choreography. Last 2015, she even became the DJ for the 2015’s Bay Area Buddy Walk.

     While Jay is teaching her students, she’s also teaching the importance of Three (3) P’s, C’s, and R’s through their dance routines. This is a great way for anyone to incorporate it on their life.

P - Patience
P - Passion
P - Perseverance 

C - Choice
C - Chance
C - Change 

R - Respect
R - Respect
R - Respect

     Jay has achieved and helped a lot through her dancing. She has become an inspiration and a role model for everyone, especially her students which are special teenagers, and adults.
“These students are so open, they have no fear, they have no stereotypes, and all they have is the hunger to embrace what I teach. The faith, the love, and the strength, our energy combined together, it breaks down walls, it breaks down barriers, it broke minds down.” – Jay Torres
Watch Jay's inspiring passion as she dance with her special students below!

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