Daddy and Daughter Shows Cool Dance Moves While Mommy is Out

Some Mommies would not to want to entrust their children or their child to their husbands when it comes to taking care of them. When Mommy is out, she usually leaves her children to someone, like to a Nanny or to the grandmother of her children. When you happen to leave your child with your husband, it’s either you will end up seeing them on the floor sleeping together or seeing your kitchen floor full of sauce or trash. Yes, it is a real disaster but what else can you do? He is your husband and that is the way they bond, happily messing up the whole house together.

But you will surely agree that when you see your child with your husband, it is totally adorable specially when they do fun things together. Looking at this kind of scene makes you more grateful that you have a family.

The dad can also establish and save more trust to his child when they are together. They are making and creating a positive and stronger relationship that can help the child while he or she is growing up. When a child has a good relationship with their dad, the child can also have a better chance of having a positive relationship with his or her future partner.

Nowadays, there are already daddies who mainly act as the head of the household. Not as the financial provider, but the head of the household chores. He is the one who is in charge of the kids and the entire house. Yes, the whole house. This is not impossible since there are already moms who are more efficient as career oriented and good providers for their family.

It is not that these daddies cannot provide and work for their family but they are best as stay-at-home dads, in charge of the kids and the entire house. They help their children with their homework, they cook for their family, they do the laundry and etc. They are the dads who are at best on what they do in the house and for the family.

Obviously in this video, the dad is the one in charge with his little girl. Aside from doing some stuff in the house, they know how to make some fun together. Daddy knows how to groove, so he makes sure that they are having some great bonding time while carrying and teaching his beautiful child how to dance and make the moon walk.

Funny how the daddy carries his child in a baby carrier. While the mommy is out, they entertain the people by their cool moves and cool shades. Watch them to witness how cute and adorable they are both while grooving together.

The dad is very cool to spend time with his little girl. Their bond shows how precious is to be with your own child. Their memories could last for a long time and when the baby girl grows up and sees the video, she might laugh at their spectacular dance but think how awesome and cool his dad is.