A Very Emotional Proposal Moment After Giving Birth

     50/50 that is a mother’s life line whenever they give birth to their child. It was never easy they say as it’s like having your one foot under the grave. Giving birth can be quite stressful but it is all worth it for any mothers out there to experience such things, since some cannot experience it.

     From getting pregnant to the different trimesters whilst attending check-ups for the baby’s health as well as the mother, to attending seminars and training's on how you could deliver a safe birth to your baby. Those nine months also have their ups and downs.

     There is a lot of factors in which a mother and her partner should think about, there’s the health, the right food to take, the things that might happen, the possible complications, etcetera. Then there’s the labor.

     After going through a lot of pain through labor, the story doesn’t just end there. The mystery just deepens and open up into another dimension as your body recovers. But there is no better surreal experience than bringing life.

     Meanwhile, a heartwarming event went viral in different social media sites as “Daddy” Devontae Gonzalez just proposed to “Mommy” Alizah Rodriguez with the help of their new born baby! Sounds crazy right? But, you’ll eventually understand everything as you read through this Article.

     The tear-jerking video occurred at the Albany Medical Centre in New York. Daddy Devontae made a heartwarming note for her girlfriend Alizah before she gave birth as to surprise her with a wedding proposal together with their baby Ezrah.

     After the nurse passed the new born baby Ezrah to Alizah’s loving arms she noticed a note from her baby. At first she was weirded out why their baby had a card, but when she started reading it, it all made sense. The note states:

“Hi Mommy! I’m so glad to finally be here! But first things first, a couple of months ago while you were sleeping, Dad was talking to me through the “intermom” and told me to give you a message. But, I forgot so I’ll let dad tell you. Congrats momma.” –Baby Ezrah

     Little did she know that after she was reading the note from their baby, her boyfriend and now a daddy is gathering the confidence he needed to pull the ring and kneel down in front of her to ask her for a proposal for marriage.

     Of course, Alizah went through an emotional rollercoaster and just crying while carrying their baby. It was obviously a tears of joy! Baby Ezrah even cried along with her mother to express the happiness. Everyone in the room felt the love and sweetness of the couple-now a family.

     Isn’t great to see couples like this? Who wouldn’t think that a simple couple who just love each other will gather more than 12 million views online! Devontae doesn’t need candle lights and flowers to propose to Alizah, just a simple but a heartwarming note can do it mainly because he has everything, the baby, his love of his life Alizah and his simple letter can do the trick!

Watch the emotional video of how the now daddy proposed to his girlfriend!