This Dad Started Tickling His Triplets And Their Reactions Are Adorable

Children are the joy of every parents. They are the parents’ inspiration. Parents do everything for their children’s sake. Even looking so funny and crazy they will do just to hear their children’s laughter.


The video of this dad who is having a fun time with his triplets kids brought big smiles to the netizens. It was just an ordinary day, and these three adorable kids are just sitting on their couch when daddy suddenly appears giving each a giggle and tickle that surely brightened up these kids day. Dad was making crazy things that made each of the triplets laugh out loud. It was such a fun scene to watch.


Father and sons bonding like this is so fantastic. Knowing that most of the father in every household goes to work for their family, bonding with children is not so much time to have.

Young children, just like these triplets, are often left at home with mom or nanny (if both the parents are working) and surely missed their parents very much. These kids looked forward to seeing their mom or dad or both at the end of each day. They are very excited as the time comes when they get to see and bond even for the short time with their parents.



Parents always want to give the best for their children, which is why they strive to the best as they can to give their children a brighter life ahead.  For some, when both parents work, children felt neglected. Working hard for children’s welfare is not an excuse for giving their kids the quality time they need. No matter how hectic parents’ schedule is, they need to set aside time each day for their youngsters. Parents must let their children know they are important not only through words but also through their time.

  The video just demonstrated that being busy with work is not a hindrance to giving your young kids the time they need from you. It is just a matter of how you manage your time.

What daddy did is a best example for giving kids the quality time they need. It doesn’t take a lot of time for parents to do it. Just simple hugs and kisses, tickling and giggling, or talking while watching favorite cartoon shows will lighten up kids’ hearts; or even eating breakfast or dinner together is also a best bonding time.

Young children will cherish each moment they have with their mom and dad for the rest of their lives. Let us not forget that what is done today will be brought forever.

Parents must also remember that material things are not replacement for a parents’ time. So beloved parents, spare a little time to your kids, after all, our hard works and sacrifices are for them so it is just right to give them all the time they need from us. And for daddy, you did a great job not just to your cute triplets but to all who were able to watch your video.