Dad Singing Duet With Baby Girl Grabs Mom's Attention

Parents got different ways to bond with their children. Some goes somewhere out of town while others do picnics at the park. Some parents stays at home, prepares some dinner and snacks then starts the movie marathon together with his family. Some parent even go to dancing class to bond with their children in a totally different way. Some do karate or kickboxing or even plays instruments with their children. Just like any dad, Aaron Hills tries to bond with his new baby girl through music.

Aaron Hills, is seen in the video holding his little baby girl. She looks at her daddy with love in her eyes. And as her daddy started to sing, she listened attentively. He started to sing a song from Disney's Official Sound Track from the movie Alladin which was "A Whole New World". The little baby girl was just caught amazed by how her dad sang the song. She usually nod and listened to her dad. Aaron continued singing and hitting the high notes. It's not just the little girl whom he caught stunned by his voice, but also us. He sung in such a perfect voice, that probably had the little girl's attention. On how amazing he sang the song. Minutes after, she started singing with her dad.

Keeping up with her dad, the little baby girl continued singing with her oos and aahs and sounds we barely could understand. She continued singing that made it sound like she and her dad was singing in duet. This was the first duet the two ever had since her birth. When her dad reaches the chorus, she'll pause and stare back at her dad with a smile on her face. Still in awe and amazement on the beautiful voice she had ever heard. While mom was busy filming every moment they were having from her dad singing alone, and her mother busy watching the whole scene. Who won't ever get mesmerized by such a beautiful voice? She smiled at her hearts content and looked after her dad with amazemet printed in her eyes.

Who else wouldn't enjoy such a beautiful scene. This cute little baby girl would probably turn to as a little daddy's girl. It could be seen in her eyes how she enjoyed the song as her dad was singing it with her. She was moved by the song and even tried to cope up with her dad singing. She sang in duet with her sad. And probably in the future, she would hear more of her dad's singing and when she grows up, she might just be the next singing sensation.

It was such a very adorable and cute scene seeing the two, Aaron and his little baby girl, singing as a duet. That moment was priceless and luckily her mom captured every thing in her camera. See how the little girl sang together with her dad and how she enjoyed every moment of it. She was smiling all through out as her daddy was holding her as he sang. Surely, they would have more bondings and singing in the future.


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