Dad Finds Way to Calm His Crying Baby

New born babies are so adorable. Parents couldn’t take their eyes off from their new born. Everything about her is so lovable. Though new parents spend some sleepless nights, but to the parents the happiness it brought is priceless. Holding their baby in their arms is a precious moment.

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New dad, Daniel Eisenman, couldn’t hold back his happiness. He wanted to share his moment with his new born daughter, Divina, in a live video. As all new borns do, Divina began to cry during the live video. The little angel was so cute with her cry but daddy came to the rescue, calming little Divina in just few seconds. What daddy Daniel did was so amazing. He didn’t distract her with toys or shove a bottle in her tiny mouth, but instead soothed her emotions with the sound of his voice. As a motivational speaker in Southern California, Eisenman speaks of the power of letting yourself free in your emotions and decisions, baby Divina starts experiencing emotions of her own.

Photo: Facebook

When the sweet angel cried, Daddy Daniel lets out a long, sweet and steady sound like “om” into baby girl’s face. And surprisingly, baby Divina stopped from crying in just few seconds and falls back into a peaceful sleep like an angel. Eisenman explained to TODAY that his trick worked because he often makes that sound to his baby when she was still in mom Diana’s womb.

 “Friends would come over, and we would chant to the belly. Even during birthing, we were playing Thai Buddhist Monk chanting. Beautiful track”, explained Eisenman.

Well, Science has something to say about what Daniel Eisenman did. According to Dr. Darcia F. Narvaez of Psychology Today, the most effective way to calm your crying baby is by reacting to the experiences that are familiar to them from their time in the womb.

The babies’ time in the womb was marked by many rhythmic sounds. Sounds similar to those babies heard in the womb can be very calming. Noise offers constant surrounding sounds while also slowing brain wave frequencies.


Dr. Narvaez further said that the power of touch is also an important calming technique. When a baby is upset, one of the fastest ways to calm them is to pick them up and hold them close because it helped stabilize their body temperature, heart rate and stress hormones; thus, stimulates the release of oxytocin – the love and bonding hormone in baby and parent as well. The doctor also pointed out that not only does warmth and closeness feel like their former warm, watery environment, but it actually has an overwhelming amount of physiological health benefits as well.

Daniel Eisenman is not just an author and a motivational speaker, but he is a very dedicated father. Though new to parenting, but, he really knows what to do with her precious darling. He really did a great job. Surely, this little Divina is one lucky angel. Definitely, she will grow filled with love and care from her parents. She’s blessed to have dad Daniel and mom Diana in her life.
Watch the video to see how dad did his parenting job flawlessly.