Dad Asked if Baby Slept Well, Baby's Hilarious Answer Will Make You Fall For Him

     To most parents, having a new born baby is a challenging task. But the needs of a baby are quite simple at the first stage of their life, they just sleep, eat and well take a poo on their diapers! But the best part of having a baby is when you watch your little angel sleep in their comfy blanket.
     Who can resist to watch a sleeping baby? There is something within them that looked so peaceful and relaxing. The sensation that you feel about watching your precious little child while knowing that you were a part of making that beautiful creature.

     Let us introduce baby Oliver, a cute little baby who has a talent in shifting his face to different facial expressions like he is answering to his daddy talking to him.

     You can see baby Oliver as he grows in their Family’s YouTube channel named “For the ORB.” The family documented the adventures of baby Oliver day by day, month by month, and year by year. The video that you will get to watch below is one of the earliest entries is their list of videos that has baby Oliver in it.

     Oliver’s dad was very lucky when he decided to take a video while baby Oliver is sleeping. He caught one of the priceless moments of his life that he will probably never regret in doing it.
Baby Oliver finally wakes up from his adventurous dream. While his eyes were still closed, he began to stretch his little baby arms with all his strength, yawning like a baby lion and squirming on his comfortable blanket. Then he opened his sleepy eyes and caught his father looking at him. His father says “good morning” to his cute little angel and Little Oliver glares back at his dad when his dad speaks to him.

     The fun starts here when his dad ask baby Oliver, “Did you sleep well?” which baby Oliver made such a serious face like he wants to answer his father. Suddenly, Oliver smiles back to his daddy, then shifted his facial expression to his “mean” look, and then gave one of his biggest smiles to his father to give him the answer for his question a few seconds ago.

     For daddies or any parent out there, make sure to have bonding activities with your child like this father did to his adorable son. The bond of a child with his father is also important and there is no doubt about it. Take the precious moment and make a bond to your child as your wife takes a rest or while she’s doing chores in the house. You can also copy what the father did to the video. Don’t forget to grab your camera when you have the chance to be with your child and take a video whatever or whenever you want.

     You’ve been warned! This video contains 100 percent cuteness overload! Watch and enjoy the video clip below! Don’t forget to share the video to your families and friends and do share us your thoughts below!