Cute Toddler Dances as Her Doctor Plays His Ukulele

“I am a Music Therapist, and the favorite part of my job is seeing how big impact music can have on someone who isn’t feeling well.” – Quote from Chartrand (Vocalist, Music Therapist)
     Music can be therapeutic especially wherein the parts those medicines cannot reach. This is certainly a beautiful mystery that we can all be thankful for – the capability of music to transform our consciousness and our state of wellness. It encourages our minds to slow down to the rhythms and melodies of the natural world. It lets us experience, even for a few moments, the grace of the present moment where all healing takes place.

     The doctor in the video is none other than Dr. Paulo Martins. He has earned the appreciation of many of his patients at the Ribeirao Preto Clinical Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and there’s one little super fan who could not stop following him around the hospital because she was so mesmerized by what he was doing.

     Sophia Romao Bueno is a seventeen-month-old baby. Sadly, at her early age she has been already fighting an immune system disorder for quite some time. Sophia actually spends almost of her time inside the hospital to monitor her health. As you can see, the aggressive treatment really takes a toll on this poor child.

     Dr. Martins decided to bring his ukulele to entertain patients and try to cheer them up so that he could take away the stressful vibes in the air in the hospital. Little Sophia was so curious when she heard the sound of ukulele and tried to find out who is the one playing it. The strains of this distinct instrument and Dr. Martins’ singing voice drew her to him.

     As the talented doctor walked from room to room performing for their patients, Sophia followed him, nagging in the doorway and listening to the magical sound of the instrument. By the time Dr. Martins is done performing, he found Sophia waiting for him in the hallway.

     The doctor realized that maybe this cute little kid wanted him to play a song just for her. At first, he hesitated because he didn’t know any children’s songs. But Sophia’s dad Julliano told him that Sophia loves adult music, like country songs. So Sophia’s daddy requested a song for her daughter and thankfully the doctor knew it!
     Sophia began to dance with grace when Dr. Martins started playing his ukulele. You can also see that she dances like she doesn’t have any serious sickness. She happily swayed her little arms back and forth and stomped her feet to the beat. Surely, the power of music can heal anything!

     Nurses and doctors in the hospital gathered around to watch Sophia’s performance and they are glad to see that this little kid is obviously in good condition. Luckily, someone took a video and shared it for us to see this magical moment. The video below also garnered millions of views and there’s no wonder why it gathered that much views!

     Serious ailments are not an obstacle for having fun and staying positive. When you’re feeling down, sometimes, you just need a little motivation to get up on your feet. We can choose to stay positive against all the challenges going through in our life. We hope that this little dancing kid can inspire you in a simple way. Watch the video clip below and be entertained!