Cop Hits “Record” Inside Cruiser, He is such a Head-Turner with his Remarkable Voice

Cop’s job is not that easy. They often put their lives forward for people’s safety. They risk their lives for their countrymen and for the country of course.

Tough as they are but they too have soft part with in them. As soft as a child’s emotion that has only little happiness, even singing a favorite song will complete their day.

Officer Philip Paz managed to take time to bring out a little happiness from within. Sitting inside his cruiser, Officer Paz hits his record and set to his fave song, “Easy” by Lionel Ritchie. He sang along and to everybody’s amazement, he sang the song smoothly and with full of heart and soul. He delivered a perfect performance while driving. His voice was exceptionally fantastic! No wonder why this video hit the social media with a flash.

via YouTube screenshot

via YouTube screenshot

The song “Easy” is one of his favorites songs, that is why he is so much acquainted with the song and he sang it so rightly, sending a pleasant music to the listener’s ears. It was so pleasing seeing a man in uniform, with utmost dedication to his job and to the city where he serves, is having the best time of his life at that moment, far from the usual situation and places where we see him. It was a very refreshing scene to watch, which makes us sing with him as well, that of course, if we know the song.

via YouTube screenshot

via YouTube screenshot

Each one of us has another side of the face. Some say people are two-faced. Well that is definitely true. One face of us shows our toughness - the hardiness in making decisions and in facing the consequences of our daily challenges. However, the other side of our face shows the lighter side of life that in spite of the daily struggles to live and survive there is always this childish behavior within us that makes us easily smile. Even simple things can make us laugh. The video of Officer Paz shows the brighter side of one tough and dedicated cop. This just shows that he is a human being who knows how to make things lighter and brighter. Even anyone who saw the video will definitely feel light-hearted.

And of course, the video serves as the avenue of Officer Paz to share his remarkable talent of singing and his amazing “Lionel Ritchie” voice. Well, definitely this officer has a promising career in singing if he will consider changing a career.  Oh well, what do you think? But definitely for now, you are such one amazing singing cop Sir Philip Paz. Just continue to bring joy to others through your remarkable voice.

Want to hear Officer Philip’s voice? Click the video and be amazed; and if it makes your heart lighter and happier, share this video with friends and families.