Clever Parrot Loves Dancing Despacito

We all have our favourites and no one could ever deny that. We have our different favourite color and food. We also have our other favourites that mostly help us in having decisions. From our favourite shirt and pants in the wardrobe and even our favourite pair of sneakers and heels. No one could deny that, we all love our favourites. It does not only limit us to material things, we also have our favourite dance and songs too. Same goes to animals, and this video below would prove that animals could also dance and request their favourite songs on someone. Don’t miss this hilarious video of a parrot dancing to his favourite song, Despacito.

Clever Parrot

Getting that favourite song played on speakers would always and never would it ever fail to make us dance. The body just goes with the beat that has been played. Why is that? Got no clue after all, I am guilty for that too. There must be some electrical spark within our nerves and bones, and also the central nervous system got this into us. Probably it really does, releasing those hormones that made us sway and stomp to the beat of the song. Just like this parrot does.

White cockatoo
Photo: Wingsofloveparrotrescue

The parrot seems to love latino. As seen in the video, it is on top of a table with the two big guys watching him. He went towards the other guy on his left and probably requested something. The guy went to scroll on his phone and played a song. Then the parrot went towards the center of the table and it all started there. Look at its feathers and how he moved gracefully to the song. This video is definitely a must watch and would give off good vibes for you, definitely it will. A big thanks to Daddy Yankee Featuring Luis Fonsi for making this song that made this parrot funnier and way energetic as seen in the video.

White cockatoo Clever Parrot
Photo: Lovethispic

The parrot is definitely good at this song and knows it probably that much. Look at how he nods his head to the beat and stomps his feet on the table. He sure looks some good old dancer to this song. He looks so cute and funny flapping slightly his wings as the beat goes on and on. He roams around the table while nodding his head and his feathers all up to something that makes him look real good after all. Who would ever want to miss this chance seeing such a parrot so good at dancing? You should give yourself a break from all the stress you had today and click the video below. See for yourself how having a favourite song could do somebody.

White cockatoo
Photo: Besthqwallpapers

We all need some upbeat song and get those hips moving. This parrot will surely teach us how to and shake off the bad vibes we had today. It takes a little click and some good time. And probably some smile on the face and twinkle on your eyes. This would surely keep you in awe.