Chimpanzees Play like Humans; So Heartwarming to Watch

The modern theory concerning the evolution of man implies that humans and apes derive from an apelike ancestor that lived on earth million years ago. Perhaps, that is the reason why many of human being’s characteristics are also seen in chimps.

Photo: Youtube

For instance, the video of a baby chimpanzee playing with its mom is the same act as human kid playing with his parent. And to more surprise, the game is the same with the human’s game. It is very amazing to see these two chimps acting like human beings.

Oftentimes, when we were still kids, our parents love to play with us. They like to lie on their backs and rest our bellies on their feet. Then, mom or dad lifts their feet up into the air with us on top of those feet, allowing us to fly like an airplane. It was a very fun game for everyone and believe it or not, the chimps too had the best time playing that human’s game. And just like people, hugs and kisses landed on their young after a very happy game. And during this moment, both parents and child’s hearts are overwhelmed with happiness.

Photo: Youtube

Photo: Youtube

Humans are not the only creature that engages games just to share a special moment with their young kids; we are not the only ones who play our favorite game with mom and dad; we are not the only creatures who easily show love and affection with each other but Chimpanzees too. Your heart will surely melt seeing how the adult Chimp shows its love and affection to its young. It is not just us, people who knows how to take care of their babies, but this adorable, hairy being too. They really know how to be a real parent to their young.

Photo: Youtube

Parenting is not an easy task to face. Yet it is the only tough job in which parents do not intend to stop from doing, they love being parents and they enjoyed their parenting job all because of their love to their children. In fact, they would say that the best day of their life happened the moment their child was born. That is why; parents always want their children to be happy. Despite being busy with their day to day chores they still look for ways to spare their children a little of their time.  Playing with their kids is the best time they can give to their little ones. This is also true to chimpanzees; parents of young chimps do their parenting jobs like humans too. They give their all just to make their young happy and protected. They even don’t give a care to their self, as long as their young are safety and protected.

The similarities of man and apes or chimpanzees in so many ways, can perhaps justify the theory of the evolution of man that we, humans and apes derive from an apelike ancestors. However, of course, this theory is still a debatable issue, but, whatever it is we cannot deny the fact that people and chimpanzees have lots in common. Watch the video to see how alike humans and chimps are.