Charming 4-Year-Old Cancer Patient Got 'Married' to her Favorite Nurse

     Abby Sayles is a 4-year-old child from New York City, and she is battling against cancer. She has pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of leukemia that primarily affects most of the children.

     She got admitted in the Albany Medical Centre, since then she has been undergoing series of treatments for her ailments, and surprisingly, ‘fell in love’ with her nurse. Abby and her favorite male nurse, Matt Hickling, had a great connection with each other.

     Then young Abby decided to tell her mom that she would be getting married to Hickling that week (actually, the nurse had no idea about this at the time), her mom texted the nurse about Abby’s plans. Hickling was so surprised when he received the mother’s text message, but he didn’t hesitate to make Abby’s wish to become a reality!

    The intriguing news spreads fasts in the hospital and all the staff gladly helps to give Abby her dream wedding ceremony. The event took place a day after Abby’s desire was revealed in the hospital, where a make-believe marriage was conducted.

    A white wedding gown was laid out for little Abby to wear over her clothes and her groom, Matt wears a simple tuxedo shirt. The hospital staffs brought in tons of bouquets of flowers donated by a local florist for this one of a kind special occasion and placed rose petals on the floor where Abby would be “walking down the aisle”.

     All of the female nurses in the nurses in the hospital acted as bridesmaids, while other staffs came to watch the wedding ceremony and hummed to the tune of “Here Comes the Bride” as Abby walked across the floor scattered with rose petals.

     Abby’s mom, Renee said, “I sent him a text message just to give him a heads up that this was an idea that was in her head, just so he won’t be in shock”. Mommy Renee was also shocked when he knew that Hickling was totally 100 percent into it and wants to grant the young girl’s wish.

After the make-believe ‘marriage’ with the permission of Abby’s mother, Matt Hickling wrote on his Facebook wall saying:
“I got “married” to my patient in front of most of the Melodies Center Staff, my patients’ mother and others were lucky enough to be around observing. She was walking in over rose petals, and given away by her mother.”
“Our patient shyly asked me to marry her. I didn’t hesitate to say yes, I got a HUGE hug and we sealed the deal with ring pops being placed on our fingers! We then took a stroll down the hall in our “Just Married” car (well I pushed) and headed back into the room for the cake and photos. This is when Dr. Lauren Silverman helped our patient slammed the cake right in my face!”

“Our patient stated “this is the best day ever” while hoping around in her beautiful dress, veil and phenomenal bouquet prepared by Enchanted Gardens. All staff signed a photo of my patient and I – which was framed and given to her as a wedding gift and Enchanted Gardens provided her with the doggie flower basket too!”

Watch their cute made-up wedding below!