Bride’s Sister and Wedding Planner Surprised the Newly Wedded Couple with “10 New Guests”

     Last May 11, 2018 Allison Gerding and Kevin Kruger got married at Goldsby, Oklahoma. Before their wedding they have been preparing tons of different things such as what they’ll wear in the wedding, as well as the venue and invitations for the important guests that they’ll be inviting for their special day.

     However, neither did the two know about the secret plan of the bride’s sister nor the wedding planner. Allison and Kevin were both animal lovers. They actually first met because of their passion for animals. Allison has always thought about of having puppies at her wedding, but since she’s too busy with all the preparations, she couldn’t make time to prepare for the puppies so she threw the idea away.

     So, to make things a lot more special for the couple, the bride’s sister and the wedding planner added a touch of wedding surprise for the two. And voila! What could be a better way of celebrating a beautiful wedding with not only one or two, but 10 cute puppies!

     Allison and Kevin had no idea about it, but thanks to Alli’s sister and the wedding planner, Allison’s dream wedding came true! And the thought of having 10 cute and adorable puppies at her wedding was just pure happiness for the couple!

     It was funny on how the two newlyweds didn’t notice the puppies at first since they were both busy with their photo shoot. But when the bridesmaids entered with the 10 adorable puppies, the two, especially Allison has a priceless reaction. She was squealing with delight as she got a puppy from one of the bridesmaids.

“Did you know all about this?” – Allison 

     At first Allison thought that Kevin was the suspect for the 10 cute gate crashers, but when she saw his expression, it seemed to her that he was just as surprised as she is.

“Alli and Kev are fellow animal lovers. Alli desperately wanted to have puppies for her photos with her bridesmaids and soon-to-be-hubby. Her sister, along with her wedding planner (who is also a good friend of ours as well as a fellow animal lover), pulled it off but kept it under wraps. You will LOVE the bride and the groom’s priceless reactions.” – Alli and Kev’s wedding filmmaker 
     The surprise for the two newlyweds was without a doubt a success as they immediately wanted to cuddle all the cute puppies. Holli, the wedding photographer was also informed about the surprise and as a good photographer, she captured all the couple’s moments and priceless reactions.

“I loved the couple’s reaction and their wedding was just a blast and is a unique experience.” – Holli 

     Aside from the puppies, there were tons of surprises for everyone too. Like Allison gave each of her bridesmaids a personalized Nike sneakers, while the Groom recorded his wedding letter for Allison so that his now-wife would be able to listen to his letter whenever she wanted.

“Alli’s sister and the wedding planner decided to surprise Alli with puppies on her wedding day, I could have cried I was so happy for her! PUPPIES AT WEDDINGS?! Just YES. I loved seeing Alli so unbelievably excited and also how excited Kevin was FOR her!” – Holli 

I knew I loved Alli from the very beginning. At her consultation, we chatted about both being coach’s wives and our mutual love for puppies and became instant friends! Alli has a contagious joy that was evident in every single photo taken- AND believe me we took a TON of photos!” – Holli 

Make sure to watch Alli and Kev’s reaction below and see how this simple surprise could further make Alli the happiest bride ever!

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