Brave Strangers Save an Infant From a Car Filled With Water

Pressured strangers as they rescued a family of four lives trapped inside a flipped car in their trail away from the storm.
Screen shot from Sharing is Caring FB page

Screen shot from Sharing is Caring FB page

The family with two children, a 2-year old girl and an infant on their way to escaping from the storm got the car they’re on hydroplaned that resulted in landing flipped into the ravaging current of water.
Strangers on the area of the incident did not have second thoughts and dive themselves into the shocking scene so to save the people inside.

Strategy and time are necessary for the strangers turned rescuers. The situation before them that they are about to solve, that is to get everyone out might seem easy and achievable in a short time but the factors present in the scene are deterrents to making the goal.

Screen shot from Sharing is Caring FB page

Screen shot from Sharing is Caring FB page

Strong water current that gradually is getting inside the car put weight on the rescue they’re doing. But that is not all, the strangers rescuing this family in danger finds hard opening the car’s doors. Every movement is very much important as water can’t be stopped from filling up the flipped car, it would drown the people inside.
The hard to open doors leave them with no option. A situation like this is overwhelming. It’s beating the time, the time that water could cause the lives they’re rescuing. Force the doors to open is the only way!

Moments later, the rescuers are finally able to know the situation inside. Emily Ocheltree, told in a channel interview that she pleaded for help from the rescuers for her kids in the backseat instead of them.

The moment one of the rescuers pulled a lifeless baby, he right away asked someone to call 911. After that, the older sister was pulled out from the car lifeless as well.

Tom Mitchell, the one who documented the rescue had given CPR. We can see from the video that the man is giving continuous blows to the infant where with him is his older sister pulled out breathless and still in her car seat. There was a continuous noise to keep on going the act of saving the baby’s life.
Someone uttered, “In the name of Jesus, let him breathe, Lord.”
It was time their attention be fixed to the other baby, by the goodness of God, life gets back to her. They’re back!

The father of the family, Philip Ocheltree posted on Facebook his gratitude towards the people who dived into the incident’s scene and saved his children.

Later, the whole family has fully recovered from the tragedy. Four lives have been saved by these strangers. The moment they decided to break the force of the waters in order to get close to the situation to begin helping, this made them heroes.

Heroes, the definition does not rest only to the supernatural capacity of a human. A human with supernatural attributes does not exist at all. Humans become heroes when they choose to disregard themselves, their safety, and their interest in the cause of helping and giving aid to others in distress and danger.
They need not be asked to help because their senses automatically push them to give the kind of help needed by the persons who unwantedly are involved with such situations.