Blind Mom-To-Be Can’t See Baby in Ultrasound. But the Doctors Get Creative and Hand her a Report

Bearing a child called pregnancy is a dream of almost all the women. To them, it is the essence of being a woman. It is such a wonderful and unexplainable feeling for a woman to be bearing another life inside her womb.

Moreover, along with pregnancy come so many experiences that are worth to cherish, that are worth to treasure. Some pregnant women even keep their first pregnancy test kit result or keep the first picture of her baby inside the womb during ultrasound. For others, everything is documented. These are few of the examples that women treat pregnancy with extra importance.

One of the most important experiences during pregnancy is for the mom-to-be to see her baby right inside her womb through ultrasound. The feeling of excitement is always present during this moment. But what if the mom-to-be cannot see? What if she is visually impaired? The video of Tatiana, a 30-year-old mom-to-be, will definitely melt your heart. The conversation they had with her doctor, Dr. David, was so heart-melting that I’m sure will lead you to be teary-eyed.  How she asked the doctor to describe her baby for her was such an emotional scene. Just like all other mothers, Tatiana cherished everything that happened to her during her pregnancy moment. She even talked to her baby and adored the moment when she did able to feel and touch her baby from the other side. The video was such an inspiring scene to behold. Although Tatiana is blind, but her blindness didn’t stop her to show her excitement and most of all her love to her child every time she touches her child inside her womb.

Tatiana had been blind since she was 17. And it is really impossible for her to see her baby inside her womb .It may be painful for an expectant mom, like Tatiana, to not see her own child inside her body. However, a good fortune happened to Tatiana when her doctor, Dr. David, chose to make her experience the joy of being a mother by using 3D printing technology to give Tatiana the moment that every mother is worthy of.  Tatiana is moved to tears as she feels around the 3D ultrasound, thus even determines the gender of her baby. It is a magical experience for the soon-to-be mother. Thanks to some generous people for making Tatiana’s pregnancy life the most cherish one. Thanks also to the power of modern technology, which helps a lot in making everything possible for Tatiana.  And a million thank you Huggies for sharing this very inspiring video to all. It really touches our hearts.

At this present age, when we thought that many are becoming insensitive, seeing people who have good heart is just a wonderful feeling. There are still people who know how to fill you incompleteness. Just like Tatiana, although she is blind but she did able to see her son because of the goodness of people. May this will serve as an inspiration to all to do good things to others for no reason at all. Let us not lose hope and just keep on believing in the goodness of people.