Baby Walking Alone on the Road Captured on Cam

Many years ago, it is usual for kids to go to school alone. Parents do not come with them when they go to school. Before, they just walk to the school together with their friends or classmates and parents do not usually accompany them. As time and technology evolves, it also makes the world very dangerous. Due to thousands of reports about missing children, it is now unsafe for children to walk alone without any accompanying parent or legal guardian.

Most of the parents now choose to sacrifice their career just for their kids. It’s either the mother goes to work while the father takes care of the kids or it’s the other way around as long as one of them is looking after their children. It has been difficult nowadays to entrust your children to other people.
There are already several laws that have been passed just to ensure the protection and safety of the children. Due to thousands of misconducts against children, these laws have been strictly imposed. Even for parents who have done something to their children that is against the law, they could be punished or imprisoned.

A baby in the video is wandering alone on the street when a car stops just when a man who is driving the car notices the baby. The baby is all alone and standing in the middle of the street.
The incident was all recorded on the man’s dashcam.
Then the man gets out of his car and walks towards the child.

“Whose baby is this?” he yells, then the child’s mother runs towards them.
“The sad fact is that we see this everyday just not with a child this young. When you see a baby in the middle of the road alone, it hits you in the heart. Kids are a special gift from God, and they need to be treated as such,” he says.
“Not to place blame on the parent. I had no choice but to call the police just due to the way people are in today’s world. It was to cover my back. Who’s the say that the parent would call the police and say I tried to kidnap the child? If I were to get the parent in trouble, I would have stayed there and waited for the police.” he explains.
via: YouTube Screenshot

via: YouTube Screenshot

The man was really just disappointed and angry when he saw the child wandering alone. We could not blame him for he was just so concerned of the safety of the child. As parent, he was just afraid, that the child might get hurt or get lost. That could mean so much pain to him if that was going to happen.

Everybody makes mistakes and that is definitely undeniable. We could unintentionally hurt our children in so many ways. But when it comes to their own safety, it will always be our top priority. Thank God that there are still people in this world that still truly care, but as parents, we should always be the one that must prioritize the safety of our children.