Baby Summer Eats Blueberries-An Adorable Sight to See

Every parents dream to have their own babies. Some wish to have baby girls especially mothers.

It is so fun for mothers to have some one to dress up. Someone whom you can put on some accessories for  a photo shoot or just a simple pictorial for Facebook or IG.

But what makes mom and dad giggle on their baby is the cuteness and the innocence that each baby projects. It is so lovable.

Nova Scotia, Canada baby named Summer is such one of those adorable babies that is showered with so much attention not just from her family but on the internet. Summer's video clip has reached over four million views and counting. Wowl, baby Summer has done amazingly beautiful thing to gone viral.

In the video, baby Summer is sitting on the grass with her beautiful blue dress. It was a fine day, a perfect day for a photo or video shoot.

YouTube screenshot

YouTube screenshot

This cute baby girl sat like a real princess on the grass, with her blue and white flower crown accessorizing her blue gown. In front of her, is a big bowl of blueberries that looks as big as her.

YouTube screenshot

It is so fun seeing this cute little girl having a nice time with her blueberries. It is such an adorable scene watching her eating a handful of blueberries then looked at the camera in a giggle. You feel like giggling too with this sight. From the looks of it, Summer really loves blueberries. Her face was already covered with blue as she keeps on scooping handful of blueberries to her mouth. For adults doing this, it might be so disgusting but for baby Summer it was very adorable to watch. How she posed to the camera is just so cute.

YouTube screenshot

The scenario of Summer was just so refreshing and relaxing to watch. Seeing this adorable little girl enjoying her thing brings a lot of joy in every parents' heart. Seeing your most loved baby having the best time of her life is priceless.

YouTube screenshot

This is one of the best moments that parents shouldn't miss. Taking a video of this priceless moment is a must. And that is what her parents did!  They already captured everything that surely Summer will be giggling out when she sees herself in this video in the future.

Summer really is one lucky girl who has received all the attention that she needs from her parents.

Babies indeed are real joy to the parents. No matter what they do, no matter what and how they looked like, they are still so adorable that makes you want to bite them in giggle. Yay!
No wonder Summer's video has gone viral because of her cuteness overload.