Baby Girl Doesn't Recognize Her daddy Without A Beard! Her Reaction Has The Internet Laughing

Changes can leave us startled for some time. Whatever it might be, we tried to adjust to the situation. But how do babies adjust to these things? It would be difficult for sure to be in something they are not used to. Most would probably cry out over strangers they meet one time. They can't be easily tamed sometimes and cries out to the top of their lungs after their mom or dad hands them over to someone they barely knew. But what if some changes happen to someone she knew well? Look at how this 7-month old baby reacts to her dad's changes.

Claire, a 7 month old baby, was laughing as her dad with a beard played with her. Her dad played peek a boo with her and Claire would smile and laugh when her dad shows his full face. She was constantly laughing and excited to see his dad pop out from the blanket he used to cover his whole face. She just looks so adorable and cute in her overalls while her mom was recording the whole scene with her dad. Would she still be happy and glad to see her daddy's full face without the remarkable beard he always have?

Claire's dad decided to razor all his beard and see what Claire's reaction would be. He took a picture of him half with beard and half without his beard at the restroom. When he got out, he tried to play with Claire again. He held her again but with his face half covered again. Claire was smiling and excited to see him again. She looks so cute waiting for her dad to come out the sheets. The sparkle in her eyes are undeniably gorgeous and would certainly melt anyone's heart. No one could replace the excitement she has for her dad. 

But what would happen if he doesn't look the same way as before.He played peek a boo with her again. But this time, without his beard. And just look at baby Claire's reaction. Just when the cloth has uncovered her dad's face, her smile slowly fades away. She looked straight at his eyes. It probably looked familiar to her but she got confused when his beard was not where they used to be. Her dad spread a smile all over his face, but she just couldn't recognize him. She looked down upon her confusement. Her dad tried to make her smile but he was not successful to do so. Instead, the 7 month old baby Claire cried. He hugged her to stop her tears and tried to look at her once again.

The confused baby Claire watched her dad again but gave out a cry seeing a totally different man infront of her eyes. Changes had left her in confusement and wiped all the excitement away from her. Her dad wanted to play again with her but the tears are the total rejection we could hear from Claire. Even though her mom kept saying it's actually her dad, he just refused to believe and cried. This left her dad hugging her to ease the sadness in her. She still looks cute though she was crying.