An Amazing 58-year-old Woman Got Missy Elliot’s Attention When She Made Her Own Rendition of “Work It”

Yes, you got it right. This 58-year-old woman shook the world of internet on how she really worked her way through the top. Who would have thought that this woman would shine bright just like a hot summer? It was just an ordinary afternoon and after all that had happened everything changed in her life. She was absolutely natural!

Mary Halsey, a 58-year-old woman, gave an awesome performance that went popular and got a million of views from all over the world. It was one summer afternoon at a party held in Goddard Memorial State Park. She was still wearing her working scrubs when she decided to perform the 2002’s Grammy Award Winning Song of Missy Elliot’s “Work It”. She was holding the microphone in one hand and a shofar (ancient horn) when she sang the famous song. 

via YouTube screenshot

The people at the party thought that it would just be an ordinary performance but when she started the beat, the audience was in awe and got hooked over the beat and the performance. She was absolutely natural when she performed the song plus her rap was absolutely fantastic. You could actually hear the audience applauding and the others were dancing, pumping to the beat. Luckily, the talented woman was recorded by someone and from then on, it went viral and she was even got noticed by none other than Missy Elliot herself.
The one and only Missy Elliot posted this on Twitter:
“I just found out that I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER. She straight killed “Work It” sound effects & all. I love it.”

Because of these events, she got an invitation to perform regularly at one of the local town’s restaurants and everybody just could not get over with it. They absolutely love her!
“People wait for me. They’re like, you’re gonna sing your song. It’s my song now. Sorry Missy.” she jokingly says.
People now call her “Missy Mary.” Because of Missy Elliot and Mary Halsey. She also has a Facebook page where she also performs live for her fans. If you want to see her often, just visit her Facebook page.

Yes, she is definitely an extraordinary woman. She has been extraordinary since she is not afraid to show the world how talented she is and she even has shared it to the world. If you are like Mary Halsey who is brave and talented, why don’t you show it the world girl and work it!

Great opportunities really come to those who work hard and for those who are not afraid to express their own self through their talents. No matter what race, size or color we belong, it does not matter anymore. As long as we persevere for our dreams and do it with dignity. Nothing is really impossible. Even though many trials come along our journey, let us never give up easily and let us pursue our dreams. There is no one that can take it from us because this is the real us.