Amazing Transformation of a Man Who Found Hope and Changed his Life thru God

“I am Sabel Gonzales, a male by birth a woman by heart. I realized my life can still be changed. There is HOPE. I am Mark Estephen Oblero. A former transgender woman, but now I found my identity through Jesus Christ.” –Mark Oblero

*Former = previously filled a particular role or been a particular thing.
*Transgender = personal identity and gender doesn’t correspond with their birth gender.

“When I was in elementary, it was the time when I felt and asked myself ‘Why am I having a crush on another man?’ So I found out myself that I was not normal and my classmates always teased me that I am gay.” –Mark Oblero

     There are times that when someone kept on teasing us about something, we come to accept it, and just like with Mark, he accepted the thought of him being gay.

“Since then, it got stuck in my mind and accepted that I am a gay.” –Mark Oblero

     In the video, Mark Oblero started his speech by telling us who he was, and that there is hope for everyone who needed change in their lives. Mark was once known as Isabel Gonzales, and then he told everyone about his story, on what he had been through all his life.

“When I was in high school, I admired men. I tried getting attracted to women but I did not really feel it. My feelings were really for men. Then after college, I was more sexually developed as a gay.” –Mark Oblero

“My family and I, we do not have a good relationship. I left our home and I became independent until I found acceptance, respect, and love from the LGBT community. It was also the time when my life started as a transgender woman as Isabel Gonzales.” –Mark Oblero

     Mark shared all of his experiences, on how he accepted everything and announced that he was gay to his family, sadly his family didn’t accept the fact about Mark, so he ended up leaving his home and became independent.

“I felt something is missing. I felt there is still emptiness in me. I went on to look for different things in the world like friends, material things, money, but it did not fill the emptiness in my heart.” –Mark Oblero

     Mark thought that he’ll be complete once he left his home, however he did achieve and found friends, money, and even precious material things. But, there’s still something empty within him.

“So I decided to follow Jesus fully. I realized that I am a sinner but then Jesus told me that even though I am a sinner ‘I am here and I will forgive you. I will love you. Just humble your heart. Just humble yourself.’–Mark Oblero

“There is still a chance to change your life and to learn what it means of having a true life. From then on, I experienced having friends, brothers and sisters. It was the time I really felt acceptance, respect and belonging-ness.” –Mark Oblero
“Only love can heal the brokenness of everybody, whether you are LGBT or not. Only Love, Love that comes from God and that is what we need to share with everybody.” –Mark Oblero

“I am free and I found my identity through Jesus Christ. There is Hope.” –Mark Oblero

Watch Mark Oblero's whole transition below!


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