Adorable Toddler Dances to Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock Will Surely Make You Laugh

     Dancing is a fun and exciting way to anyone especially for children to stay physically active and well in their daily life. It teaches anyone the importance of staying fit while also improving their range of motion and flexibility.
    When kids see adults as they enjoy dancing and moving their hips to the rhythm it makes them want to try dancing too. Sometimes when kids try to mimic adults while they dance it almost seemed like dancing is a second nature to them.

     When a movement is performed with the intent as well as the awareness of a person, it will transform into a dance. By dancing, a person can express their selves since it can be a form of self-expression.

     As a person dance to the beat, they are embracing the feeling of the rhythm of the music. Children’s bodies are far more flexible than adults, and with the right training they can develop the strength and stamina to execute different and difficult movements with ease.

     For those who love to witness an adorable little kid who knows how to enjoy dancing like his parents, you are on the right track! Why? It’s because the video that you’ll get to watch below will surely make you adore this little boy while he’s dancing to his hearts content.

     On the video below the little guy named William Stokkebroe, a two-year-old boy who was obviously a big fan of Elvis Presley! He has hit the dance floor with Elvis’ hit song “Dancing to the Jailhouse Rock” while wearing checkered shirt and jeans.

     William even seemed to be mouthing the lyrics of the song, and you can also hear him yell with joy as he feels the rhythm. It’s so adorable to look at when little William takes a dramatic bow for his audience in the end of his dance show, then a make a little clap, a clap for himself since he did an awesome and spectacular show for everyone on the venue.

    At the early age of two, he can dance to the jive of music like a professional dancer and that’s because his parents are known as the ‘World Champion Latin Dancers’ named Peter, and Kristina Stokkebroe. The talented parent’s claimed that their adorable son learned his movements from watching them practice at their dance studio studie43 in Denmark.

    Fortunately, the audiences personally witnessed the epic performance of this young talented kid at the opening event in the Galla Opening last March 2012. The posted video on YouTube has been watched by different people all around the world and gained more than thirty six (36) million views!

     It’s good to see that many children nowadays are showing interest in different physical activities such as dancing. If your child is interested in dancing or any kind of arts, music or even in sports, make sure to support them and express to them your love as parent. Surely, in the near future, you will be pleased as you see your little child as he/she develops his/her skills.

     In addition of being physically active, dancing is also a highly social activity as your child learns how to communicate with others.

     According to the “Family Talk Magazine,” dancing will help your children to improve their social and communication skills. They will learn how to work as a part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation, as well as making new friends.

     Perhaps dancing is one of the best benefits for your child. In fact, kids’ super love it! It allows them to stay active in a fun and exciting way. As your child progresses, they can explore different areas of dancing, plus, making a lot more new friends.