Adorable Reasons To Prove Why A Father-Baby Relationship Is The Best

                Babies are really fun to be with. Though they might get messy and pretty demanding sometimes, they sure are one great gift from above. They can make your pain away, all the exhaustion from a whole day’s work would definitely fade as you reach home and see that smile on their faces. They are cuddly and cute, but don’t get too attached with that, they could be a little bit of mischievous sometimes. Want proof? Now hit that play button and see for yourself.

                Have you ever wondered what’s inside their heads? I do. Something in there must have made them way too special that will surely melt your heart once they got to interact with you. No matter how high your walls are for someone, these cute babies will truly leave your guard down. And this might be the reason why tough dads get to be soft-hearted most of the times. Having a bad day? We all have. And kids seem to have one too. This video shows the total opposite. See how happy and joyful they are with their daddies, probably where they get their mischievousness sometimes. They are all smiles and laughter. They play with ease and fear was never ever seen in their eyes. They try stuffs they never get to try on before. It’s great to see them this way, good thing these moments were filmed and we get to share it with someone or everybody.

                Look at how nonsense they might be doing with their babies but hey, it’s all fun and the babies sure do love them. That makes everything with sense, great one dad! And these things make it all entertaining for us and especially for the babies. Look at how they get all the fun and the funny acts and response. Dad had been one great factor for these for sure. The randomness they do, dad knows how to handle them pretty well. They think in a complicated way sometimes, and sometimes the simplest of ways that still makes you left in awe, you sure would do. It’s a great thing seeing them bond whatever silliness they do with each other, it bonds them more together. Mom might have been filming some these videos and just look how proud she is for the both of them. A smile might have been hiding somewhere or a laugh which is audible for some of the videos in the compilation below.

                Who thought dads won’t be the best one a toddler could play along with? This video shall give you the other side of your thought. They are the best baby sitter one could ever have. Babies truly enjoyed their company. Look at their faces, all smiles and a tear of happiness. They look so funny and fun with their daddy. They might be looking for their daddy once they are not around, probably they will. Who would ever want to miss this kind of fun? Probably not me, they sure will truly keep waiting for another fun-filled day with their dads.