Adorable Dad Dog Doesn’t Let Anyone Near His Daughter Pup

What would you do if your dog won’t let you hold his puppies?

     A Man named Xiaohui Tian decided to upload a video on his social media account about his Dog who’s now a Daddy, and won’t let him even touch the paws of his daughter.

     The scenario was really funny as the owner tried to ask for the paw of his dad dog’s daughter, the dad dog instead gave his paw to his fur parent. When the fur parent said “stop bothering your daughter” he squished his daughter under him like he’s protecting her adorably.

     The dad dog was named Didi, and in some parts of the video, the fur parent was trying to say that Didi’s daughter was misbehaving, so perhaps there was a punishment ready for Didi’s daughter, but Didi knows about it so he kept on protecting his daughter under him. Didi kept on shielding his daughter away from their fur parent so that his daughter won’t get punished.

     Dogs in particular are fun to be with, though some people would like to have cats, and that’s really okay. But yeah, dogs are often called to be as a man’s best (furry) friend. Why? Well dogs in particular are much more emotional. By emotional, we mean as they can feel you and share your emotions with you.

     We often see videos on how dogs comfort people who are sick, or sad. We see them cuddling with their fur parents, play with them, and do a lot more. There are times that our dogs would act like a human, and Didi was like one in the video that you’ll get to watch below.

     Since Didi is a father already, he doesn’t want his daughter to be punished or get hurt so he kept on protecting her. Didi was like a real dad human, because a dad doesn’t want anything bad to happen to their daughter.

     The video has gathered 1 million views already and the comments are surely hilarious to read too! Some netizens commented that Didi was like asking “What are your intentions with my daughter?!”, or like “This is your dad when he is meeting your boyfriend for the very first time!”

Watch Didi and his fur parent along with Didi’s daughter below!