Adorable Baby Makes Everyone on the Internet Laugh Even Though He's Sleeping

     Have you ever thought about waking up one day and that you’re reverted back to being a baby again? If you have imagined or even thought about it (even just a teeny weeny bit), then you’ve probably wanted to escape being an adult for a little while. Since being an adult means you have to pay the bills, work hard for the future, as well as escape from other different kinds of adult problems.

     You know what the struggles feels like, and that in your daily life you’re working, eating, sleeping, and paying your rents monthly. You can’t even hang out with your closest friends because of your hectic schedule. There’s also a few times that you keep on neglecting yourself to eat healthy food, and get a straight sleep for 9 hours (Oh, kinda miss that).

     Being a parent is not a very easy job to do. In fact, it is one of the most provoking, emotional, and physically challenging opportunity in a person’s life. Once you become a parent, you are stuck in it for the rest of your life and there’s no option of turning back. Honestly, we actually never know how difficult it is being a parent until we become one.
     However, parenting is not all about stress and anxiety, it’s true that having an adorable baby brings a load of joy and happiness in your life. The cute laughter of a baby is the exact reason why parents are more eager to strive harder for their child to see them grow. Just seeing those smiles and giggles gives them more reasons to be thankful for becoming a parent.

     The video footage that you’ll get to see below is caught by a nanny camera, wherein the dad and mom were having a bit of a laugh with their newborn little angel named Tyler. It seems like baby Tyler has some uncontrollable motor movement in his little baby arms, and when one is pushed down, the other goes automatically straight up.

     So for the laughs, Tyler’s parents played with his hands like a toy by lifting his arm one by one. The unaware little baby sleeps on peacefully and has no idea that he is the source of entertainment for his lovable parents.

     While watching the video, you can also hear his parents laughing softly, trying so hard not to wake up their little angel. Bless the parents for sharing this adorable footage and gaining over fourteen (14) million views on YouTube!
     Watching your baby sleep has to be one of the most amazing experiences especially when you’re on the early stages of parenthood. And not just because it means that you’ve finally lulled them into sleep, but you can also finally take a rest.

     Nothing’s sweeter than a sleeping angel, right? But even as they’re sleeping they’re full of mystery as well. You’re wondering what’s going on in their dreams while he/she sleeps.

Make sure to watch the video below and share the good vibes to everyone as well!