Adorable 21-month-old Little Farm Girl Helps Her Mom with Determination

For people who have not tried to live away from the city, they usually believe that living a life in a farm is easier than living a life in a city. Well, you might wanna try and see it for yourself so you could really think again and might decide to change that belief.

If city life can give us a long duration of overtime at work, so does the life in the farm. In the farm, we also need to wake up very early because most of the work in the farm must be done early in the morning and while the sun is still up. And then we could also end up very late in the evening when some important things are not yet done. Who says overtime are just in the office? It’s a big NO. Even being a full-time mom requires to be on duty 24 hours. Oh, yes! How much more if you are a mom of three kids plus a big farm to manage? Surely, you need more extra hands just to handle everything. Lucky you if you have this little buddy who is always ready to give a hand for mommy.

Ashley Koeller, a mom of three, is proud to be a hands-on mom, and even if she has many important things to do, she has always time for her farm and definitely for her family.
One day, she saw her little buddy giving her extra help. So she immediately took this moment and observed how helpful and kind her beautiful girl was. Aubrey Koeller was just 21 months old at that moment when this little buddy of her thought of helping her mother carry multiple buckets. So she took all these buckets even if these buckets were almost as big as her and tried to carry these things with all her strength.



Her mother was not even sure at all why her beautiful buddy did this but she really saw how determined she was. So she never missed the chance to record the good deed of her little angel.
At her age, it is normal for toddlers like Aubrey to discover that she could do some things on her own. It is natural at her age to gradually learn how to gain her own independence. At this age, they are usually persistent and insistent on doing many things on their own. It is really a good thing if we allow them to do some things so they would really learn and enjoy their little independence. This is also one of the best times for them to be active and to move continually.

Now that Aubrey Koeller, is already 3 years old, she still helps her mother and father feed their calves and horses and even helps do some chores in the morning and night. How incredible you are little farm girl!

One of the challenges of being a parent, is training your child how to be good and self-reliant. No matter how we want life to be easier for them, we need to make sure that they know how to stand on their own when they grow up. As children, what they see on us will affect them as they grow old and mature. If they see us lazy and just pass everything to others, there is a greater possibility that they will also grow lazy and dependent all the time. Much better if we teach them young, so when they grow up, making a living would not be so difficult.

Cheers to the mom of three, Ashley Koeller, who handles her family, kids, and her farm well. It is never an easy task but seeing your kids learning good traits is totally commendable.


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