A Wonderful Scene to Behold – Father and Daughter Dance after Last Day of Chemo

Cancer is one of the many diseases that a person does not wish to have. Knowing that a person has this disease is a heart-breaking emotion. What more if a person that has this disease is a 2-year old adorable little girl? Isn’t it so heart-smashing?

Phoenix Thompson, youngest of the five children of Brett and Christina Thompson, was found out to have a myeloid leukemia in early August of 2018. This sweet little girl is just two years old and her diagnosis immediately started a treatment plan that includes multiple rounds of chemotherapy.
On the day little Phoenix finished the first round of chemo, Dad Brett surprised her with a tender moment that melt the hearts of everyone. Her father showed up in her hospital room dressed elegantly in his suit and tie. To complete it all, he also had a nurse deliver a special gift for his daughter – a glittering yellow dress. After the baby girl dressed up, they danced together, swinging his delighted Phoenix into his arms right there in the middle of the hospital room. She looks so calm and safe on her father’s strong and loving arms. It was a wonderful scene to behold. It was like a moment when everything stops, and all the hurt and pain vanished leaving a memory that would be cherished forever. The scene was so perfect. It was very inspiring. As a father, he knows that it was the least thing he could do to lighten the burden of her daughter. Though it was just a dance but to Phoenix and everyone who loves her it was a magical dance.

Having a cancer and undergoing chemotherapy is truly unbearable especially to a 2-year old little girl and to her family and love ones. Yet, her family took the situation with full of optimism in their hearts. The surprise made by his father is an example of not losing hope to the battle that they are facing. It is an admirable act knowing that deep within; the pain and fear are present. Parents couldn’t endure seeing their children in pain. It shattered them. However, Phoenix family, stand firm and went through the situation together and even initiated moments to cherish.

Many are also suffering from cancer and other diseases. Different reactions were shown by them. Some took it positively; others were pessimistic with their illness. Yet, no matter how a person reacts, it is already there. Families and loved-ones surrounding the cancer patients must took the initiative to turn everything into encouraging situation, make the most out of the situation. This is the time of consolation. This is the time to hold each other’s hands, to support each other and to show love, understanding and care to each other. Having a cancer does not mean going to die on the next day. There is still hope. After all, what matters most is how you live your life.  Make the most of out of it. Yes, cancer maybe a dreadful disease, the process of treating the disease maybe painful but as long as there is somebody out there who supports and loves you, who is willing to share the burden with you, everything is bearable.