6 Kids can’t help Audience from Laughing Out Loud with their Skit Performance

School is always considered as an avenue to develop and enhance the intellect as well as the talents of our children. In school, we learn so many things. We were given the chance to discover our hidden talent, develop and enhance it to become more confident. We were also taught to think creatively. As a matter of fact, the school itself showcases the different talents of the children. Aside from developing the academic side of each learner, they also support school talent shows.
School Talent show is the platform for our children to develop and enhance, thus share their talent. Usually, children’s performances are dance numbers, a song or a chorus. However, these 6 creative young learners had something in mind. These boys put together something from the usual performances, causing the audience to laugh out loud.

Photo: Youtube

From an elementary school in St. Charles, Illinois, USA, these 6 boys had always performed extra ordinary shows together. Previously, they performed as synchronized swimmers. They also entertained the audience as Vonn Trapps.  And for this performance, they called themselves as “Fountains”. With their reputation for having the ability to perform with delightful humor and fun, the audience expected to watch another fun act from them. And they were not dismayed. The group was successful in bringing fun to the audience.

Photo: Youtube
The fun video opened with the boys being introduced, then, they appeared on stage wearing togas, with laurel wreaths around their heads and clutching metal canisters on their shoulders. A funny display of elegance in their presentation was witnessed. Inspired after an ancient Roman fountain, these creative boys had put together a skit that they choreographed intentional movements to portray the behavior of a fountain statue. They artistically moved around in a line and all together drink water from the canister only to imitate what a fountain does – spitting water. They looked so fun on stage knowing that they were also enjoying their performance. The crowd couldn’t help themselves from laughing out loud; even I myself realized that I was also laughing loudly while watching the video. Wow! These kids really know how to draw out crowds’ attention. They really are born to entertain. And they are exceptionally creative. And guess what? They are just in their fourth grade.

Photo: Youtube
There were really children who always stand out among the crowds, but it became more extraordinary if these outstanding children are joined together. Just imagine what they could come out together. These 6 boys are undeniably talented, and they are lucky enough to be together, sharing their ideas to bring out from them the best of what they have. They have already with them the innate talent and of course the humor, may the school and their family support these kids, may they will continue to enhance and nurture these kids talent and ability. These kids are naturally artists and  entertainers. To be entertained by their performance, watch the video and you will also find yourself laughing out loud with the audience.