10-Year-Old Girl Shaves Her Head For Kids With Cancer

It is how you are able to give inspiration and support without any considerations. When you know that anybody needs that kind of support of whatever means, should you have second thoughts in making the goal to help?

Nowadays, we struggle every day just so we could pay our bills, buy our consumption, and the other stuff we sweat for our living. Our everyday circumstances make us busier and eventually put us in a situation where we only think about ourselves and our conflicts that we often forgot that there are more people needing support and help from the others and from us as well.

Cancer is one of the painful illnesses that a lot of us could have. It takes away the hope of the very people suffering from the disease and their families as well. Cancer comes in many forms and it even affects not just adults but children too. It pained us to see that children have to suffer the anguish caused by cancer. They who are just about to discover and feel everything in life and dreams they’re pursuing yet the disease take this all in a snap.

When Katelyn, a 10-year old girl heard about Emily who had cancer in her leg without a doubt told her mom she would shave her hair and donate and raise funds that will go to St. Baldrick’s Foundation. “I don’t think she needs to shave her head to prove her point, but why not?” Katelyn’s mom said. The girl’s concern to her friend Emily moved her to the extent of sacrificing her hair. The decision to let go of her hair shows support for the battle her friend Emily is going through. A lot of parents won’t let their kids shave off their heads but Katelyn’s mom who saw how determined her daughter was couldn’t just turn down Katelyn’s cause.

Finally, the day has come, the day she’s finally telling the world what is the meaning for a 10-year old the word sacrifice, support, and help. The day she’s showing off her statement about her support to the kids in pain because of cancer and that is through cutting her hair off.
The brave young girl dared to make true the cause she ought to realize and so she did. The challenge made her tears but her face does not discern any regret at all. Her emotion flaunts the attitude of a winner that despite the truth that she ends up losing her crowning glory at least the exchange is bigger than what she lost. Her hair over the awareness of kids needing help and support from devastating cancer in which the latter wins!

We need kids like her. Truly, support is not just monetary. Well, it causes things to work out big time yet the AWARENESS just as Katelyn did will double the value of support you can give to the person in need. It touches the hands and makes others aware of the necessity to give aid. To give aid to the person even without knowing them first hand.

Katelyn is an inspiration to all of us. She’s the kind of a person who’s willing to give what she can for others not minding of what it would cost her.