Little Filipina Toddler Sings Amazing With The Right Note

In the Philippines singing is one the most very common talent, it just Filipinos are really good singer, the question is; why Filipinos are really good at singing?  These answers by a not Filipino people will give you an idea about it.

From my experience, I have met a lot of Filipinos, and all of them are good at singing and highly enjoy the activity. Some sound better than others (this statement is subjective to opinion of course), but certainly all of them know how to at least carry a tune very well. 

I suppose it is just a part of the culture. Filipinos are quite encouraging when it comes to singing regardless of one's skill level. Eventually, since everyone is encouraged, the good singers become better or even excellent, while the alright ones become good, and the bad ones become alright. From what I notice, Filipinos also have very good diction and articulate their vowels and consonants very clearly, which certainly helps not just in their pronunciation but also in their tone production.
-Timothy Christian Liu

Those Karaoke bars. They have to be the best thing that I experienced while travelling in the Philippines. Basically you have these private rooms in hotels with a karaoke machine where you and your Friends can go in, order some food and spend an evening singing your hearts out. I loved it!

Then there are these Filipinos that just walk up to karaoke machine in a supermarket and sing their voices out while other customers go about their shopping.

Singing is such a big part of the Filipino culture, and that’s why the West is starting to notice just how good they sing.

It is good that Filipino singers are reaching out to reality singing competitions where they attract more attention to their countrymen’s singing talents.
-Wanjiku Jørgensen

Filipinos are really from skilled backgrounds associated with persons, exactly like almost all backgrounds associated with persons. There are several along with fantastic performing skill, plus some who else cannot perform. Many people presume almost all dark folks may perform, as well as several dark persons cannot bring the stay tuned the pail. Which goes with regard to any kind of competition. You will find many people who will be simply fortunate having a performing present. However generally there is not any competition associated with persons who else have no all those who else aren't perform. Traditional western part from the hemisphere is certainly very|is extremely unusual, and so i might state they may be relatively unknown within some other well-known means. You will find fantastic Philippine performers at Pinoywow, however they are worthy of much more globe reputation after that they may be obtaining.There are many singing show associated with Filipinos where you can see multiple talented singers.
-Gerald Marrero

Not all Filipinos have the talent to sing. Why are they good? It is because of the culture in the Philippines. Most families have their own karaokes at home, in this way, they can enhance their voice to become a good singer. Practice makes perfect! And I think practice makes them a good singer or they are just gifted.:) On the last month I’ve following from online singing contest from Portable Karaoke Machine for Kids at Mediacom! and constentant are amazing especially Joana, a Filipino from China.
-Marian Smith

This young little cute toddler also a proof that most of Filipinos are really good at singing.