“Why Did God Create Grandmas?” Boy’s Answer Has Everyone Cracking Up

Having a grandma in your life is the best. They act differently compared to your parents. They are more sensitive and passionate to their grandchildren which make you feel loved even more. I actually have a niece around four years old and she is so attached to her grandmother that won't be able to sleep without seeing her grandma in her room.

Why do grand-parenting is different from parents?

According to some, the role of grand-parenting has no gap. They are indefinite. They are more experienced in parenting compared to their parents. And most importantly, they are calmer that they were when they were parents. Grandparents look out for their grandchildren if the parents are working, so most of the day children spend more time with their grandparents which results to creating a special bond between them.

Those children who receive healthy relationships with their grandparents seem to have a better attitude in terms of companionship with other people when they grow up. The love and kindness they received from their grandparents will also be applied to other people.

In the video below, a little boy was asked why God created grandmas, and his answers were incredibly amazing! He made some excellent points and his reasons are spotless! This kid must be so lucky to have an amazing grandma in his childhood life that may remain as precious memories he shared from his grandma.

Watch the adorable video below and don't forget to tell your grandma how much you love her.

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