What Does That Mole Mean? 7 Places and Ways A Mole Can Reveal Something About You

Almost everyone has a mole on their body. In case you don't know about them, they're that little black dot on your skin that just appeared there one day. Nearly all moles are harmless, since they're basically just a bunch of skin cells that got too close to each other.

These cells, called melanocytes, have the pigment melanin, and with prolonged exposure to the sun, darken at an incredibly fast rate. And thus the mole is born.

But some people believe that the placement of the mole holds a special meaning. They think that depending on the location of a mole, some things about your life, both future and past, could be identified.

If you want to find out what that mole on your body says about you, read on below and find out!

1. Moles found on your temple or forehead could mean that you have the chance to travel, or have had opportunities to travel a few times in your life.

It could mean that you could travel for pleasure, or for business, or to meet someone new

And if you already have a career, then your employer might send you off to some faraway place for something business-related

2.  A mole in the middle of your eyes usually means a great career opportunity, usually a promotion or a pay raise.

It could also mean a career change, where you trade up your current job for a new, better and higher-paying one.

And if you don't have a career yet or are still studying, then you've got a high chance of getting a good starting job once you graduate!

3. Moles found on your eyelid, specifically the space between your eyes and your eyebrows, you have a tendency to love staying put, and surrounding yourself with people that you love and those who love you back.

It also means that you are an extrovert, with a talent for making friends and being an all-around people person.

Your natural charisma often gets you put in a leadership role in many aspects of your life.

And because of your versatility, you handle change pretty well and even take opportunities from them

4. A mole on your lips or somewhere above it can mean that you are materialistic.

You might be prone to worrying about how you look more than how you act.

However, even though you're a bit vain, you have developed skills to make yourself more presentable to people, often being a model in other people's eyes.

With your skills to effectively present yourself, you are usually seen as "the popular one"

5. Any moles found on your cheekbone could mean that you will soon get a job that has more power. And with that power, an increase in responsibility comes with it.
It could mean that you will soon become a leader, either in your job or in your personal life.

With the increase of responsibility, your wealth would also likely earn a boost as well.

With the huge responsibilities that will most likely be coming your way, you'll have the necessary skills and traits to be able to effectively maneuver yourself through them, and the augmented power and wealth will soon follow

6. Moles that are found on the palm of your hand usually mean that you are a thrifty person, with a good control of budgeting using the wisdom that is inherent to you.

You are practical and not superfluous, often making decisions based on logic, not on feelings.

Because of your practicality, your budgeting would only reflect the essentials, with minimal allocation to fancy things that have no practical use.

With your control over logic and money-handling, you have a good grasp of when and where to invest and often become the go-to person for your friends when it comes to helping them with their money problems.

7. If you have moles on your feet, you most likely love to travel and experience different cultures.

You are most likely not able to stay still in one place for too long, and are often found just wandering about, spending most of your time exploring.

With the experience that traveling gives, you have become open to new experiences and are more accepting to new ideas than the average person.

This makes you a delight to be around, since mostly anyone can be themselves when they're with you and they won't have to worry about being judged.

With your popularity as being "the cool guy", you are very much liked in both your work and personal life, making you a sort of mentor to your peers.

So, did any of these things hit the mark with you? If it did, don't forget to share so that your friends will know a little bit more about themselves, and why that mole has been there for so long!