Warm-hearted Man Lets Adorable Young Boy To Play With His Phone

It’s the little things that matters the most. This quote has been passed for years and still stays in the society today. I never get to understand it right away when I first heard it. Why do the little things matter than the bigger ones? In today’s generation, probably it would be. Everybody cared about something else than caring for their fellowmen. Everybody cared about safety than trusting others; everybody cared about money than giving time to someone else. Every kind thing started with a single act. Something surprised the people in the internet for that one little act also at the subway of New York, USA.

Busy streets, high skyscrapers, people tending to their own business, hustled to every bit of it, it’s definitely hard to witness one small act each day in these type of life. With the numerous numbers of people one should get to go through, it is very rare to witness another kind act. And this act happened one day in the train. A guy, as usual people do, tucked in his headphones, pulled out his phone and played some random game. A boy sneaked and watched what the guy was playing. It took minutes but the boy stayed so dazzled by the game. Meanwhile, the passenger was so into the game that he didn’t noticed the boy beside him. The boy got hooked up in the game and still was watching over. After some time, the man seems to notice someone was watching over him. He turned to his side and saw the boy’s guilty posture. The passenger continued to play the game on his cellphone and suddenly removes his headphones from the phone to lend it to the boy. The boy was filled with excitement and continued to play the game in the phone. It seems like years before he was able to touch and play. Seeing him so focused and how enjoyed he was, is very priceless. You won’t be able to buy these as what you usually do on things. You can’t pay on it and be able to see it every day. It takes one to fulfil this act with no hesitations.

It is a simple act that no one could compare. A simple act that some might be in difficulty in doing so. These things can be easily missed in the dinner table, in the classroom and even at home. These things can be appreciated in a brief moment of time and could quickly fade and be forgotten away. And these small things can be also simply hard to mix together. The passenger sitting at the opposite side of the guy and the boy took the video out of some reasons that we don’t even know. Gestures might seem small but they all matter to the person. Every simple act counts. If there was no little acts, there could be no bigger ones. That calls for someone to start or continue what one has when he knows he got to do.