This Gentle Giant Elephant Protects It's Trainer In Danger and Gives Unconditional Love

Elephants are known to be the largest land animal on Earth. Even though this creature is giant they are gentle just like whale sharks. They have characteristic long noses also called trunks that acts as their hand; large, floppy wide ares that also acts as their fans and to keep away flies and other flying insects, thick legs that also acts as their defense and attacking mechanisms.

These creatures have two types that can easily be identified, here are two species of elephant. The Asian elephant and the African elephant live on separate continents and have many unique features such as: size, habitat, diet, habits, offspring and Classification/Taxonomy. You can easily identify the African elephant which is bigger body build than the Asian, one, the African also have larger pair of ears while the Asian have small ears.

Elephants are grazers and frugivores that eat grasses, roots, fruit and bark. They use their tusks to pull the bark from trees and dig roots out of the ground. An elephant has an appetite that matches its size. An adult can eat 300 lbs. (136 kg) of food in a day, according to the National Geographic.

But anyway forget about the facts about Elephants and let's talk about this heart-touching video where this Asian elephant protects its trainer from a passible danger. This video is an experimental to show how loyal elephants are. 17-year-old elephant who lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand named Thongsri. Thongsri has been taken care of for years by her caretakers who watch Thongsri grow up. Since she's been taking care of and receives proper care and love, she returns the favor when the time that her caretakers need her protection from an assault. Go watch the video and don't forget to share.