This Cute Little Handsome Ring Bearer Made a Hilarious Entrance!

Wedding is the most awaited moment in our life it is the moment that you finally got the person that you love most, this is the dream that you've been imagining that it should be perfect, having the perfect white dress or a coat, nice and sweet cake, perfect venue, delicious foods and have all the people that you cherish.

By the looks of the video that you're about to watch, when the little cute handsome ring bearer finally made his entrance, even from the beginning of the clip, he just had had enough of this wedding stuff, and he have no idea that he's being the object of everyone's attention, for the few seconds following their walk down the aisle, this little guy had all eyes on him, dressed very cute, the boy was given a pillow with the ring on it meant to be given to the bride. After a small push this is what he did, an unforgettable funny moment. Watch the video below.