These Funny Babies Are Confused by Twin Parents

What could be more exciting than having a twin babies, not all parents are blessed having an identical twin babies because it's a rare formation of an fertilized egg (ovum) where it splits and develops two babies with exactly the same genetic information. Where the other twin called fraternal twins where two eggs (ova) are fertilized by two sperms and produce two genetically unique children.

Identical twins are more exciting than a fraternal twins due to their similarities and even though they are completely different person but having similar facial feature. Identical twins are more like; everyone seems to be fascinated by their looks, every parents seem to want to have them, and of course everyone definitely has wondered what it would be like to be one, right?  But what if your parents have a twin? Would you be confused? What if they start to prank you? Can you even recognize them? These actually happened to these babies that they got confused to their parents that have a twin. Take a look at the video below.

video credits to: Funnyplox