These Are The 5 Things That Terrify Narcissists to Their Core

Few things cause more distress in your life than being acquainted with a grade A narcissist. They always have to make every situation about themselves and they never seem to care about your own problems. Even though they're self-absorbed, they tend to latch on to anyone who gives them attention and drain them of their energy like a social leech.

So how do you get rid of them? Here's 5 things that terrify any narcissist and make your life narcissist-free!

1. Being left out or rejected.

What makes a narcissist thrive is the constant approval of his or her peers. As such, they often surround themselves with a group of people that they can gain a false sense of security from. That's why they are absolutely terrified of being abandoned and left alone. Without the imaginary support of their so-called friends, they are forced to  look deep into themselves for support, and they often don't like what they see.

If you threaten to leave their side, a narcissist will most likely use any means necessary to keep you around, even lying to you about changing their attitude. Spoiler alert, they won't.

2. Being disrespected.
It's normal to not want to be disrespected. But normal people get over the fact fairly quickly. Narcissists on the other hand, will fight you until they make you take back what you said.

Because their ego is only an empty shell, they seek to fill it with approval from their peers. So when someone doesn't approve of their actions, they will go the ends of the earth to prove them wrong. They'll deny what you said, they'll  lie and try to make you look like the villain, they'll even go so far as to ridicule you for your inability to see how truly wonderful they are.

If you want that narcissist out of your life, don't give in to their tactics. If they do something disrespectful, don't be afraid to call it out, and stand by your claim. They'll see how strong you are and leave you alone.

3. Being the topic of a joke.

Every once in a while, we look ourselves in the mirror and have a good laugh. Maybe you mismatched your socks on the way to work, or forgot to zip up your pants when you left the bathroom. Normal people see this as a slight humor that they can laugh at and not be too bothered by.

Narcissists however, can't do that. They can't accept that they have flaws, much less have people laugh at these "mistakes" that they claim they don't make. They'll laugh at other people, but when it comes to them being the subject for a joke, they'll stare you down as if you just insulted their mother.

They're just that sensitive, because deep within themselves, they know that they're flawed. That terrifies them and so they will attack anyone who tries to make fun of them.

If someone you know can't take a joke about themselves, that's a clear sign for you to cut that person out of your life.

4. Being exposed for their true selves.

Narcissists have this illusion of self-worth that they thrive on. They look in the mirror and only see what they want to see. They'll see that they're perfect, and that people should adore them for their sheer presence alone.

So if you happen to show them their flaws, to make them see who they truly are without the filter of their own hubris, they'll crumble. After all, they expect nothing but praise from everyone around them. They imagine themselves as these gods amongst men and so they should receive respect and adoration from people around them.

Word to the wise, if you know someone like this, someone who tells you or makes you feel like that you have to worship them for everything they do, RUN.

5. Being dead.

Surprise! Narcissist are afraid of death. Many people are though, but to narcissists, their reason is as selfish as it can possibly be. They see death as not the end of their life, but the end of the illusion they have worked so hard to maintain during their stay here on earth. They fear that as soon as they are gone, no one will be able to praise them. Or even worse, they fear that people will start to realize how terrible of a person they were when they were alive.

While a normal person might fear death because of the loss of connection to the people they love, a narcissist only cares about how people see them when they are gone. And without their so-called magic tricks to fool people into thinking they're benevolent creatures, their fear is completely justified.

So, as it turns out, death truly is the biggest fear a person can have. It can even scare someone who thinks they're a god.