Mom Surprised Hard-Working Teacher With A Gift Which Made Everyone's Heart Melt

People have different paths in life. It is of wide variety that we should never judge people just the way we see it in our own perspective or point of view. One should know better before judging someone. We all are fighting different kinds of battles in our lives. And as part of being humane, as long as we could and still can, we should also lend a hand to those fellows in need and not judge them just because they look awful or just because we heard rumors from someone who judges that person in a biased way. Just like what Courtney Adeleye, CEO and founder of The Mane Choice hair care products upon hearing the rumor about her daughter’s teacher.

Courtney heard from a rumor that her daughter’s teacher, Amanda, was currently struggling and is in dire financial crisis. She is now taking public transportation to commute from their house to the office. Sometimes, she stands in the cold and waits for transportation, waits for the bus as her ride or waits for merely someone to pick her up. When Courtney heard about this, she suddenly told herself to buy her a car. She talked with his husband about Amanda and the whole matter, and he agreed. He got dressed and they went with Courtney to the car lot and choose one for Amanda. Though Courtney have asked herself whether it would or would not get Amanda offended about giving her this kind of gift, she still pursued and thought about how can this thing change Amanda’s commute and even her life. This has been one of the rarest things I saw online. How one could go beyond thinking over another person’s future than thinking about how much she or he would spend on someone they barely are related with.

They went to the office to see Amanda and talked to her. Courtney asked her to come outside because they wanted to give her a gift. She got curious what this was all about and walked outside with Courtney. To her amazement, a white car with a blue ribbon on it was standing in front of her. She couldn’t believe it and even asked Courtney if she was really serious about it. Then, Courtney handed her the keys of the car. Still stunned, Amanda walked towards the car with disbelief. She just broke in tears and thanked Courtney for such an expensive gift. 

It was a big purchase for Courtney, but she wanted to help Amanda and thought about how it would change her life, it definitely would change forever. At the end of the video, Amanda found Courtney’s daughter filming the whole heartwarming scenario to share for the world to witness an act of compassion to help others in kindest acts and deeds. We all need to be free from all the selfishness we usually have. Be free and let go of thinking only about our own selves instead of thinking at the same time about other people. In this world full of lifting our own selves up, we need someone like Courtney that gives hope to other people and together we grow and lift each other up.


  1. May want to work on your titles. I had no idea what the article was about as the title made no sense.

  2. Beautiful story. Want more people to read this article and to share it? Please feel free to contact me.

  3. Great story but please proofread your articles before posting. The title itself was somewhat of a puzzle to get through and I had to reread parts several times to understand what you were trying to say.

  4. Amazing History which I never seen before


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