She's Special Child, But She Shakes Up Entire Room When She Starts Singing a Whitney Houston Song

 “Each day I live, I want to be, a day to give the best of me” these are lines of the famous song “One moment in time” by Whitney Houston.

9-years-old Emma Lowry, despite the fact that every day is a battle for her because she has autism mainly having difficulty in interacting with others, that condition did not stop her. The girl’s awesome performance belting out in front of the crowd doesn’t show her condition at all.
The lines “Each day I live, I want to be, a day to give the best of me” stated in the beginning are words truly fit the girl. With day to day simple interactions with others might not that easy for her, trying to be at her best every day is as well a challenge for her. Even people of no condition such as this would cry for great strength that they are able to last every day without losing the confidence trying to be at their best dealing with a number of human attributes.
Emma, with such talent in singing, simply defied head on all the norms her condition imposed upon her. She lived that day giving the best of her, and it was the best.

Understanding the complexity of the song and imagining yourself letting everyone hear your voice on that stage surely you would have second thoughts or simply would utter the words “no way”!

As we all knew, “One moment in time” is one of the songs that gave us good words about taking chances and breaks. Each of us has a dream, dreams of success, of breaking our comfort zones and be the dreamt us whoever that is that we want for ourselves and telling to everyone that “Hey, I did it and my dreams are reachable and today that proof exists in the form of myself”.

Presented with the opportunity of having herself performed in the “Autism’s Got Talent” Emma took the chance! That very chance pushes out what’s in her, what she can do. The moment the host asked her what song she’s going to sing, you can see confidence flaring up. You cannot see holding back in her, it felt like she’s on to awe the number of the audience before her! And she did.
As the song progressed, you can hear how she savored every word of the song. The girl did not hesitate to throw up vocals which continuously run from high and low with her body reacting to the song’s rhythm and powerful meaning. Emma just cannot hide the confidence and the passion she possessed in singing. We can see it undeniable in the performance she did.

The girl just proved to all of us that even with the condition that she has, it did not dictate the things what she can do. She’s presenting us possibilities that most of us are afraid to take chance because of the hindrances we think that could limit us. But Emma Lowry never lets any limitations restrict her. Accompanied with confidence, she just shown how amazing she was and how she’s able to give the best in her.


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