She's Dancing With a Teddy Bear With a Picture of Her Late Father During Her 18th Birthday

Deciding the theme and ideas of your daughter's 18th birthday party celebration is somehow a tough decision specially teenagers nowadays, of course they are still your kid and young, but this is their debut into adulthood, this party is a celebration for their transition to little more grown-up. If you are a wise parents there's a formula that can trick your teenage kid turning their party to be more exciting like: a few party games, some cake, and a few goodie bags usually do the trick.

But 18th birthday is something special because it's their first steps into adulthood and your teen will probably want a party to match that can entertain not only herself but for her friends. But this 18th birthday celebrant from the Philippines don't want much on her debut, she only wanted to dance with her late father, but this idea of her mom and friends brought her into tears. This is very emotional video, watch the video below and don't forget to share.