Scared Mom Seeing a Teenager at Her Doorstep But Shocks After Knowing What His Intention

Crimes have been rampant these days. You'll never know hold ups and kidnapping may happen around the corner. A thief might just be waiting for you at the next block. A killer might be that one knocking at your door , hitting the doorbell twice to check up on you. Nothing feels safe in this generation with news filled with bloody crimes. That's why you can't blame people from not trusting easily their fellow citizen. But are they really all the same?

Just like any citizen, it was Melissa Vang's first instinct to not open the door for strangers. Suspicion can't be taken away from strangers suddenly knocking at your doorstep. She was with two kids one day when suddenly someone came up at her house. She was not expecting any visit that day, so Melissa decided not to go and open the door for that man. Burglars have these tactics on hitting the doorbell to check on who is in the house for that moment. And if nobody is, they will do every thing that makes it possible for them to enter the house. Some would even kill the owner of the house or even the whole family if something comes up while they were stealing things in the house. These days, strangers are not really that safe for people to open the doors for them. These things hit Melissa that made her decide to not open the door when someone just rang the doorbell. It might actually be something important but Melissa was thinking about her safety and for her two kids which was currently with her that time.

To keep secured and track people outside her house, Melissa has a surveillance camera put up. She watched it a little while later the man outside walked away minutes after ringing the bell at their house. Everything she was thinking couldn't have been more wrong. It was not a burglar after all, it was someone whose acts unexpectedly melted Melissa's heart.

Tyler Opdyke was the teenager who knocked on Melissa Vang's door and he was not there being a burglar but with good intentions. He was giving out flyers for his uncle's business when he saw a wallet at Melissa's driveway. It might have been dropped when her husband was getting out the car. Melissa saw on the footage the teenager, Tyler, looking for the surveillance camera and went towards it. He then directed the wallet up to the camera and gestured for the camera to follow incase someone might watch the footage soon. He let the camera see where he hid the wallet, then went away. When asked why he did it, Tyler answered, "I just really thought about what would someone do if I were to drop my wallet."

It made Melissa trust strangers again. Sometimes, we just don't have to generalize some people's actions. It won't hurt thinking positively and have trust with humanity once again. Tyler just proved there are still kind and good people in this world.