Premature Baby Wears Cap and Gown to Celebrate 'Graduation' From NICU

How far can your hope take you? Probably it will depend on what circumstance you get into. How strong will your faith be in achieving what you want? How far will it take you? It could be immeasurable like Robert and Molli Potter’s who never dared to give up and continued searching for possible resort to save their second son.

A child running between 22 weeks gestation has just been given birth last March 14 weighing merely 13.9 ounces and was released last August 21 from the University of South Alabama Children’s and Women’s Hospital. Who could ever believe he survived? Well, he surely did after a number of rejections from other hospitals since it mostly won’t accept it due to the child’s below 24 weeks of gestation. She had undergone miscarriages and her recent pregnancy has been quite terrifying to her and her husband, Robert. After Molli’s first child, Kayden, the doctors have already told her that they will not save Cullen’s life if he will be born before 24 weeks of gestation. Unfortunately, he was 22 weeks old and no one definitely accepted the task. But the couple never gave up and continued to search for hospitals and doctors that might possibly accept and save their second child, Cullen.

Molli was already warned beforehand that her child might not possibly be able to live in this world. And if he does, there will be abnormalities due to the very early birth of the child. There were two miscarriages that happened to Molli, last May and weeks after, before she was pregnant with Cullen. The couple was desperate to save their unborn child. Robert travelled to and fro, searching for someone or somewhere that are willing to save Cullen’s precious life. There was more than a dozen who rejected the idea. Others mostly have discouraged them already. Due to the early birth, he might not be able to fully develop and might experience uncontrollable mental health. It was scary and at the same time terrifying for both of them. But what more can parents ask for? But just to save their child’s life.

Fortunately, seventy miles away from their place, a hospital accepted and tried to save their son’s life. It was far indeed, but the two were too desperate enough to save their child. Molli went to the Caesarian section and gave birth to Cullen. He was so small it could comfortably sit on top of your hand. The tube inserted was as big as his mouth. It was painful to see him in such state, but his parents were positive he had the chance to live a life in this world. And so he did.

Waiting for their child to survive, it lasted 160 days before Cullen was discharged and was ready to go out of the hospital. And before our little adorable infant, the hospital threw him some graduation rites before he leaves the hospital hallways and live with his parents. “They said this baby was not supposed to be born, this baby was not supposed to live, but there we were watching him being paraded up and down the hallway by his nurse. We were finally going home and have our family together.” Robert said in an interview.

Everything melted everyone’s heart seeing Cullen being held up in a graduation cap and gown, paraded down the lobby of the hospital. It was fulfilling seeing him about to live life just like any of us would despite the number of rejections he has received because of his 2% life chance he’s holding on.