Parents Try to Teach Daughter to Count to 5, But She’s Created Her Own Version Instead!

Parenting is the very effective way to build our kid's foundation, if the parents teach their kids the right way on how to be kind and so on, their kids will be grown up to be a kind person same if the parents keep teaching their kids about general knowledge, to learn in an early age, their kids will be grown up as a smart person. It’s important to teach our kids how to think in many possible ways by introducing new ways of looking at things to generates tolerance and to see the bigger picture in an ever-changing world that is constantly expanding. It’s a way to approach learning, understanding and thinking on the spot.

But of course, before you teach your kids about many thing you should start on basics like counting 1 to 5 and this is what exactly you can watch in the video below which mom and dad try to teach their daughter how to count 1 to 5 but the daughter created her own way to count that results parents to find ways to correct their daughters way of thinking.