Only 1 In 100 People Can Find The Hidden Animal In This Cat

Seeing is believing. But what most people have probably realized right now is that not everything you see is exactly what it appears to be. Have you ever looked at a picture or a painting and see something your friend doesn't? How about that picture of an elephant who looked like it had 5 feet? Or the "hidden" sailboat in a picture full of dots? Well, if you've ever seen those images and spotted the hidden subjects, then can you spot the butterfly on this cat's face?

Look at this antique picture below. At first glance it just seems to be a scruffy old cat drawn with some charcoal or other black ink. It may even look like some other sort of feline creature, like a lion. But what if I told you there's a butterfly in that picture?

You see, the picture below is an example of an optical illusion. These images have a unique property to trick the eyes and fool the mind. But optical illusions just aren't some neat party trick you can show your friends to make their heads scratch, they also represent the fact that our eyes can only see but a fraction of what there actually is. They teach us not to only look, but to observe and go deeper to get the full picture, and that there is always more under the surface.

The image of the butterfly-cat is thought to have belonged to a trading card collection back in the 18th century, and ever since its rediscovery, has been used as a prime example of optical illusions throughout the world. And it has still been using as a test even today.

  If you want to impress people with magic, or illusion, you need to make sure that you draw their attention in a way which makes the trick all the more individual. Have you seen it already? If you still can't see the butterfly, we've highlighted it out for you on the picture below:

You just needed to turn the picture upside-down and it becomes perfectly clear! Did you find the butterfly before we pointed it out for you? If so then you're part of the 1% of people who did! Share this to your friends and see if they also have keen eyes like you do!